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A Controversial Old Tweet From Ellen DeGeneres Is Haunting Her!

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Ellen DeGeneres has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently. There have been a lot of controversies around ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ workplace. A recent Buzzfeed report accused revealed the toxic work culture on the show, which included racism and sexual harassment. However, this time one of Ellen’s old tweets is now coming back to haunt her.

The report accused the show of having a workplace filled with “racism, fear, and intimidation”. Moreover, some of the employees were fired for even taking a medical leave. Their health insurance often didn’t cover their medical bills, which forced them to make GoFundMe pages. After this report surfaced, Warner Bros. conducted an internal investigation on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’. As a result, Ellen fired three top producers of the show. And now, it’s a tweet that is making Ellen look very bad

An old tweet that’s haunting Ellen DeGeneres

A Controversial Old Tweet From Ellen DeGeneres Is Haunting Her!
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However, the recent controversy over Ellen DeGeneres started over an 11-year-old tweet. And what she tweeted resonated scarily with what she is going through right now:

With the reports coming out of Ellen’s staff about the way employees are treated there, this tweet is just horrifying. And Twitter barged into the replies with their memes. After all, digging old tweets and relating them to today’s circumstances is something Twitter revels in. Here are some of the memes and insane responses:

Moreover, one user shared a meme that pretty much sums up what Ellen DeGeneres’s lawyers must be going through right now:

Despite all the memes and laughs, some of us were really wondering if Ellen DeGeneres really made an employee of hers cry. And it turns out that she did, but not for the sinister reasons she is famous for right now. In fact, Ellen made the employee cry tears of joy, not sorrow. She gave her employee Jeannie Klisiewicz a paid cruise trip! It’s nice to know that at least some time Ellen DeGeneres made her employees cry tears of joy and not horror. However, with the firing of three top producers and a commitment of more diversity by Warner Bros., we hope things take a turn for the good on the show.

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