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Addison Rae considers Bryce Hall as house guest after water-power shutdown at Sway House?

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Addison Rae and Bryce Hall are not on good terms these days. Or that’s what the fans believe since both of them have been keeping their distance since the last drama. Things might have gotten better if Bryce resisted to host his 21st birthday bash with lots of alcohol, and strippers giving him a lap dance. The viral video clips really hurt the famous content creator and she took a 1-day break from her social media. However, she is back on the internet now. Meanwhile, the authorities were not happy with Bryce risking the life of all of his guests so they decided to cut the power and water supply of Sway House. Will Addison Rae offer her house to Bryce Hall temporarily till things get better for the Sway House?

Will Addison Rae offer a safe haven to Bryce Hall?

Addison Rae recently came across with The Hollywood Fix and Celebrity Livin. Both of these YouTube-Paparazzi are famous for keeping tabs on all of the famous TikTokers and content creators. They are also known to ask major “curious” questions fans demand from them.

Therefore, if there was someone who could ask this question from Addison Rae, it was definitely these two teams. However, did they manage to get an answer from her? Well, they tried their level best but Addison Rae did not comment on any of the questions about Bryce Hall. She stayed silent through all of these questions:

Sway House has no power and water. Is it okay if he (Bryce) stays with you at your house? He literally needs a place to live.

What do you think about Sway House having no power and water?

Addison, if he is homeless, can he stay with you?

Addison Rae skipped all the questions and she took some pictures with her fans. Moreover, she also talked about body positivity and that safety should always come first.

There were reports that authorities will be cutting off water and power supply of Sway House this Tuesday. However, it didn’t happen on Tuesday and the Sway Boys ended up mocking the authorities. But, turns out the authorities have really done it this time. Here’s Bryce Hall’s latest tweet:

Bryce also liked this tweet by Mayor of LA:

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