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Horror Movies To Binge Watch this Halloween

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Horror movies are almost as old as the hills. Right from the foundation of the cinema, horror stories made their household name in the theatres. The audience felt that something frayed straight out of a horror movie and brought to life. Horror movies now have multi-dimensional subjects, previously they just address some conventional themes but with time these movies capture contemporary daily –life stories and twisted them into spooky tales. Let’s enter the scary oubliette to sense some of the real best horror movies of all time.

Dracula 1931

Universal grossed its repute as Hollywood’s legendary home of horror in the thirties with the blood-thirsty Count Dracula. Tod Browning’s Dracula release on ST was quite popular. Valentine’s Day 1931, with Bela Lugosi again as bloodsucking Transylvanian Count. The movie instantly emerged as the leading contender for money –maker of the year. Titled as “the best of the many mystery films”, Dracula later developed a series of movies which were busters but couldn’t beat the popularity of its primitive version.


This 1973 world’s highest grossing horror movie may not seem that scary at this moment in time but the audience at the time absolutely were undeniably hooked! William Platter Blattey introduces a real plot of a haunted atmosphere. The story revolves around Regan (Linda Blair) whose acting still sends chills through your spine to this very day. She behaves abnormally weird, talking lamely, scampering like an amphibian and displays outlandish frenzied outbursts. The mother desperately try to rid her daughter of the demons possessing her and the journey is addictive as well as terrifying to watch. The clever script adds layer to this classical movie.

The Evil Dead 1981

Another notorious horror drama is the ‘The Evil Dead’ 1981. Bruce Campbell, one of the producers of the film was the protagonist performing with Ellen Sandweiss and Betsy Baker. Five college students went on an adventurous vacation. They chose to lodge in an isolated cottage located right in the middle of the woods. Later an audiotape found in the hut started playing and released scary monsters. The tape released demons that started to possess every human in sight. The graphics and technology gave spine-chilling scenes for the viewers. Due to the film’s popularity it got 3 more sequels: Evil Dead II (1987) Army of Darkness (1992) and Evil Dead (2013). The acceptance was enormous that producers took advantage and along with the sequels; comics, video games, and television series were released and equally acclaimed. Ash Williams (Campbell) who acted as the hero of the movie became an iconic cult figure.

Nightmare on the Elm Street Series

Wes Craven’s scares the viewers in their dreams. Yes! Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) is one of the scariest blade-fingered villains on earth. He captivates, harasses and ultimately kills teenagers via their dreams. This American horror franchise reproduces nine sequels, a television series, and novels. The first one is A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) by Wes Craven. The frightening character Freddy Krueger was once a child killer who was later burned alive by the revengeful parents of departed children. In the movie, Krueger returns from the grave to molest and murder teenage residents of Springwood, Ohio. The film is named nightmare as the villain invade the victims’ world through their dreams. The global gross collections of the film series are over $457 million and are titled as the second highest grossing series in the USA.


Scorr Derrickson’s Sinister is a 2012 American paranormal drama that kept everyone on their toes. The cast includes Ethan Hawke, Juliet Rylance, James Ransone, Fred Thompson, and Vincent D’Onofrio. The story showcases true-crime writer Ellison Oswalt, who in the attic of his new house found a box of home movies about dreadful murders. This discovery puts Ellison’s family in real peril. Sinister blows good breezes of fresh, demoniac concepts. Though it lacks creepy heights still it ranks as the most acclaimed horror movie between 2010-2016. A sequel with the title Sinister 2 in 2015 but has not gained any hype in the rating.

There you have it! The best horror movies to binge-watch this Halloween!

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