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TV Shows You Didn’t Realize Were Racist

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Sorry to interrupt your TV time, but our racist radar has some harsh revelations to put before you. TV shows, precisely media often perpetuate the very racist stereotypes that society has long wanted to eradicate. But sometimes they do it in ways you don’t realize at first. We’re talking about 2 Broke Girls, Glee and Aliens in America.

2 Broke Girls

While some people might find this lazy sitcom funny, it was once TV’s worst sexist and racist nightmare. The show unapologetically cracked rape jokes, mocked African American women consistently. And boasted about intrinsic beauty of white women. Sounds despicable already right? Wait, things get worse ahead. The titular characters work at a restaurant managed by a, guess whom? Yeah, Asian. No, I don’t blame you, TV and films have repeatedly precipitated this idea that it becomes highly difficult to separate the two ideas. Things were worse on 2 Broke Girls; the Asian manager was a workaholic asexual being who also once uttered the dialogue:

“You can’t tell an Asian he made a mistake. He’ll go in back and throw himself on a sword.”

These are only glimpses of the surfaces instances. As you go deeper, the rundown gags on the show had hints of social inequality.


Glee was a wholesome musical U.N. It included a person from practically every walk of life, but this inclusivity came at an expense of aligning age-old archetypes with the characters.  Glee is the kind of show that dwells in rather boldly with its racial voice. The Asian characters carry the same surname, the Jew has his last name Ben Israel. There’s even actually an Irish exchange student who is immediately believed to be a leprechaun. Glee is a TV show that does not even try to cover up its racial mayhem on the very surface. It is like it considers racist portrayals to be an act of audacity. There was practically an entire episode entitled “Asian F” about one of the Asian characters getting an A-, which is so terrible that his father demands daily drug testing for him.

Aliens in America

When a Pakistani exchange student lands up in a Midwest Suburban family, a lot of misadventures take place, in literally all the wrong ways. Every aspect of the show manifested a lack of research, and clearly a lack of creative ambition. Roger or Raj, is dressed up in long Mid-Eastern white robe (a common garment of the Arabs) radiates an annoyingly South-Eastern accent. The misinformation is real, as no one literally no one in Pakistan dons the kind of wear Raj wears on AIA. Pakistanis are also finely versed in balancing their religious and professional worlds; they do not go around pleading God while sitting idly to get their work done. Many Pakistanis do work hard and are aware of the technological world. In fact most of the IT jobs are based in India and Pakistan. This is something Aliens in America needs to realize.

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