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Angelina Jolie thinks she’s boring and calls her kids her creativity

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Can you imagine a world-renowned actress claiming she’s a boring person? Well, neither could I. Then enter Angelina Jolie and her declaration that she’s quite a boring person. But she did have her reason to say that. So, what was it?

Angelina Jolie likes to read about foreign policy in her spare time

Okay, I’m not going to lie. That does sound a bit boring. Angelina Jolie shares what she’s really like:

Oh god, I’m really boring. I spend a lot of time studying foreign policy,

This was shared with the world via a virtual conference to promote her upcoming movie ‘The one and Only Ivan’. The discussion was talking about how Angelina Jolie is artsy outside the Hollywood glamorous world.

But she does have creativity in her life. And there’s a heartwarming reason behind that.

Angelina credits her children for adding creativity to her life

The Mr. and Mrs. Smith actress admits that her children are her creativity:

“But I think my creativity is my kids. Because being with them and making up stories before bed or just being silly with them, (I am) really (doing) nothing. Just watching each of them become uniquely who they are and being around them and going into each of their (space), whether it be their rooms and talking to them or developing or helping them develop. It’s not as much me but my mom was like that, and loved seeing other people’s creativity”

Angelina Jolie is a proud mother of six children. She shares custody of all six with her ex-husband Brad Pitt. They have 3 sons Maddox, Knox and Pax, and 3 daughters Shiloh, Vivienne, and Zahara. All the children have been adopted.

Angelina got interested in ‘The one and only Ivan’ because of her children

There has been some drama in the past involving her divorce with Brad Pitt but it seems like Angelina Jolie doesn’t let it affect her relationship with her kids. In fact, it was one of her children that brought her attention to the book ‘The One and Only Ivan’ by Katherine Applegate:

“One of my children read the book and said that they loved it. We talked about why it was special and why it meant so much to them. So, I started to pursue where it is being made, what’s happening and started to get involved. I looked at the early drafts and it was very interesting.”

‘The One and Only Ivan’ follows the story of a four hundred pound silverback gorilla. The book was based on a true story of an actual gorilla named Ivan who was entrapped in a concrete cage for almost twenty years. Ivan learned to express himself through watercolor painting. The book shows a story of Ivan sharing a habitat in a mall with Stella the elephant and Bob the dog. There are other animal characters as well. Angelina Jolie is voicing the character of Stella the elephant.

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