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We Are Never Going To Get Over Vampires

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Charismatic, classy, and downright sexy, Vampires have for long been the monster of choice. Vampires are simply fascinating creatures. There is no specific era for a vampire boom, rather we have literally always been obsessed with Vampires. Time by time, either a new film or TV show hits our screens starring these pale-skinned and deadly creatures. They have been an eternal force in Hollywood horror since silent-movie days. Even today they continue to ascend new heights. Entertainment pieces including movies like “Twilight” franchise, TV’s “True Blood” and other incarnations have put the bewitching bite on viewers.

Origins of Vampires on Our Screens

Perhaps this vampire craze dates back to Spike from Vampire Slayer in the 90’s. The devilish, cunning, sly, and suave villain- a true epitome of evil, created so much magic onscreen that he was able to construct a legacy, a touchstone for future producers to build upon. It has been nearly 3 decades since the Spike Syndrome, and yet our obsession has not curbed a bit, in fact, it has only grown.

Why Are We Obsessed with Them?

Perhaps the greatest single reason why Vampire does wonders on TV, or in Hollywood is there slick and cool demeanor. Dressed in the basic colors that never go out of fashion, laden with an uber cool silk cap, coupled with a classic aristocratic psyche; they simply allure us into loving them. Stereotypically, the gothic, cold, condensed, anti-heroic heartthrobs have more real layers than humans on camera. Hence viewers are able to establish a special connection with these demonic creatures.

Secondly, vampire-centric entertainment never takes a hiatus. This pertains them fresh in memory, and even the most clichéd archetypes evolve in relevance to time. In the late 1970s, Anne Rice started raking in the money with the book of Interview With the Vampire. Movies like Werner Herzog’s Nosferatu The Vampyre and the comedy Love at First Bite became critical hits. These were followed by The Lost Boys, Near Dark, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Innocent Blood, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie), four more Anne Rice books, and a movie adaptation of Interview With the Vampire. This can all be lumped into a rage for vampires that lasted from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s.

Vampires stroke back in the mid-1990s, with Buffy, the Blade movies, Southern Vampire Mysteries (the book series), and From Dusk Till Dawn. Finally, Vampire fiction gained its greatest momentum when they were tied closely with teen picks. The collision of two worlds meant that teenagers grow and consider monstrosity as a part of a culture. This includes the vogue of Underworld, Twilight (books and movies), True Blood (based on Southern Vampire Mysteries), and The Vampire Diaries. Even though The Vampire Diaries is now over, it had rooted so strongly in the industry that we cannot help but let its descendants (Originals, Legacies) occupy the vacated seat.

How Vampire Plot-lines Usually Work

The Vampire folklore was efficiently exploited by TV shows to make Vampires depart from their predatory perceptions. Now they have their own universe, with its own dynamics. The greatest threat vampires faced was the existence of Werewolves. They are often playing the roles of intermediaries between humans and demons. This narrative permits intricate stories to revolve around them. Let’s just take the example of Being Humans, where we saw a great mix of vampires, werewolves, and humans adventure to attain noble aims. This scenario allowed everything from horror to comedy set in, making it a multi-cuisine yummy dish served with a silver spoon.

If history is any guide, these plush times of vampire mania are here to stay. Vampires may see bad times, but it does not mean that they, will at any point disappear. They too will follow a doctrine of rising and fall. And even with a run of atrocious imitations, peace and quiet will largely be absent, as the ghosts of the ghost will always be around.

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