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Fans Want Addison Rae To Make OnlyFans!

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So I was just scrolling through Twitter the other day and found this tweet a little disturbing that fans want Addison Rae to make an OnlyFans. We all know that Addison Rae is one of the most liked and followed content creator. She is not only good at dancing but she loves playing around with makeup,too. Recently Addison launched her very own cruelty free brand ‘Item Beauty’. And she is also doing a podcast with her mom, called ‘Mama knows best’.

Fans Don’t know The Full Details About Addison Leaving Social Media For A Day

A few days ago, Addison Rae’s TikTok account was not cancelled. In fact it got hacked by someone on the day of Bryce’s birthday. Addison was really worried and somehow her team managed to get the account back for her.

Meanwhile, some fans were thinking that Addison Rae made up a story so that fans won’t ask her about the surprise stripping action going on Bryce’s 21st birthday party. And the fact that why Addison was absent from the party.

But these stories are all false. Addison’s Tiktok account was really hacked. And fans started asking her to make an OnlyFans just because she was cancelled. Once again I repeat, Addison’s account was never cancelled. It was hacked.

Fans Want Addison Rae To Make OnlyFans Because She Was Rumored To Be Cancelled

Addison Rae never talked about making an OnlyFans. And fans are asking her to join it just because her account got hacked and they thought it got cancelled. Well, what made you guys say that? This behavior is beyond understandable.

I just want addison to make onlyfans
Leave Addison Alone

First of all, TikTok is not banned. And second thing is to stop posting tweets like these. I cannot even imagine what Addison must be thinking after getting tagged in all of these tweets everyday.


Tiktok ban


I am just going to end things here with this note “please spread love and positivity”. Don’t make things difficult for anyone. One wrong word and one wrong rumor can effect someone’s whole life.

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