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Jamie Lee Curtis’ New Movie ‘Halloween’ Deals With Trauma

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All those who loved John Carpenter’s 1978 horror classic have a new reason to be delighted. The direct sequel to the film- Halloween starring Jamie Lee Curtis will be here soon now. And by what we heard from Jamie Lee Curtis and director David Gordon Green, it’s no ordinary movie. The upcoming movie will be an iconic choice for those who suffered from trauma in the past. Maybe, that’s what makes Halloween so different in its own unique ways. Finally, we have a whole new movie that attempts to put on a real face to horrific trauma. Regardless of what the trauma stems from, the underlying concept is significant. Especially, in times like today.

The Story of ‘Halloween’

The original Halloween movie by John Carpenter and Debra Hill set the plot on which this sequel is based. It was the story of only one survivor- Laurie Strode played by Jamie Lee Curtis. And he was the only one who managed to make it through Michael Myers’ rampage. Now, this new movie picks up the bits exactly where Halloween left it 40 years ago. As Jamie Lee Curtis or Laurie Strode makes her content with being left alone, two journalists once again take up the old case. And as they attempt to investigate, there’s a lot more going on in the picture. Despite police and psychiatrist escort, Michael escapes from custody during a transport to a maximum security facility. And just then, Laurie is disturbed as once again he comes after her, her daughter Karen as well as her granddaughter Allyson.

Laurie had been suffering from post-traumatic stress all through this time. And this latest film is a much larger one in the franchise. Twenty years back, we had a followup on the original Halloween with Halloween H20: 20 Years Later. Although that movie starred Jamie Lee Curtis, this one is the portrayal of a whole new side of the character. And unlike the previous one, Laurie is neither timid nor paranoid in this one.

Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Thought On ‘Halloween’

Ahead of the release of Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis shared a few thoughts on the movie with Rolling Stone. This time her character is a vengeance-seeking badass. And in fact, the previous 20-year old film has no relevance to the upcoming one. Apparently, Jamie Lee Curtis describes her character as a #MeToo era hero. She says that while everyone is busy attempting to either bury, hide, squish or silence trauma, Halloween paints a real face to horrific trauma.

Trauma is a real concept. And as much as our society tries to escape from it, it exists. And it exists for real. There is no denying about it, and it was just the right time that some media product attempts to explore it around. Jamie Lee Curtis herself shared that once somebody is traumatized, there are three choices. And for a long time, we have been hearing what people have been doing for their trauma. The only options we consider are dying from it, running from it, or letting it affect you until you face it.

It’s true that for survivors, the whole situation has been worse since nobody talks about it. But with the new movie Halloween hitting screens on 19th October, things might be off to a different start.

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