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Instant Family: A Cliched Concept That Is Still Funny

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Parenthood is a rewarding, endearing experience. No matter how much you despise kids, you have got to love them when they are your own. Parenthood; however, is a role that is undoubtedly challenging, and demands a paramount amount of patience. Under such circumstances when one goes from having absolutely no children to suddenly become a guardian of three children, the world does turn upside down. This is precisely the premise of the upcoming comedy Instant Family which many wfound to be funny by its trailer.

Cast and Crew of Instant Family

The film stars Rose Byrne and Mark Wahlberg in lead roles. The duo plays a couple who are steering clear of the stage wise process to becoming parents. Going the adoption way, they take in three siblings and must learn to parent on the fly. The film hails out of the stables of noted writer and director Sean Anders. It appears to have all the humor and heart you find in families of all types.

The trailer is a testimonial footage of Wahlberg’s versatility. We know him more as an action hero, for his movies Shooter, Pain and Gain, Transformers etc. But he turns in an equally delightful presentation in Instant Family’s teaser. As for Rose Bryne, she too is splendid. Her ‘look’ in the start of a trailer and her position of denial draws a natural essence from women who are fed up with the satire around their refusal for motherhood. The chemistry between the parents is a bona fide highlight in the movie, and it shimmers a sensation of real family planning.

They Nailed the Humor

Some humor is less slapsticky than the rest, but it does not mean it is bad. Rather it contains a light sense of entertainment that grounds the gags to their emotional realities. The parents have thrown themselves in the deep end of the pool, where they must spontaneously strive hard for survival.  This obviously entails a handful of whacky, chucklesome, and quirky situations giving the movie a very strange but honest outlook.

Message of Instant Family

We simply do not choose our families, and if we ever do we would still feel that we could have done better. Everyone is different, every age is different, and every other situation requires an individual approach. Teenage has drastically different dynamics than the life of a toddler, girls require to be treated differently than boys, and siblings fight for complete attention. When this is quite a difficult game to handle for parents whose parenting experience has aged with time, for newly found parents this organization is disastrous. On one hand, you have to spoon feed a nosy 5-year-old, while on the other hand, you have to helicopter your teen daughter’s life in a rigorous scrutiny for romantic angles. And, when you attempt to strike a balance between these two spheres, you fall down somewhere in the middle.

However, trial and error- a rich subject for situational comedy, gets exploited in a highly mediocre way here. A lot of scenes are not very different. They do not hold that excess element of stress or surprise, as the situations and reaction precipitate regularity. This can be blamed on the fact that the actors cast in are parents in real life, so they can’t help but manifest emotions that have developed in them with their parenting finesse.

Based on True Events?

For this piece, writing partner John Morris has joined Sean Anders. Instant Family is actually based on true events in Sean Anders’ life. Understandably, the director definitely knows what he has to do. In addition to this, a personal connection to the material is quite palpable here. Apart from Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, Instant Family boasts a magnificent cast that includes Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, as well as honorable standup comedians Tom Segura, Tig Notaro, and Iliza Shlesinger.

The movie will hit the screens on November, 16th. And, we cannot wait to have a gala time with our families while watching this.

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