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The Hate U Give: A Demonstration Of Why Black Lives Matter

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Adaptations encounter dual criticism: one compared with the printed version while other as a movie itself. The Hate U Give has dealt with both and yet stance quite firm among the year’s other adaptations ‘The Trump Prophecy’ and ‘Mortal Engine’. The idea of animation budded from The New York Times 2017 (YA) young adult best-seller of the same name, penned by Angie Thomas. It was released on September 7, 2018, Toronto International Film Festival and the film were open to the public in the United States on October 5, 2018. The breath was well-blown to the words by Audrey Wells(Screenplay writer) under the directions of George Tillman Jr (known for 2017 ‘Soul Food’ an African-American oriented subject). The Film is featuring police killings of innocent Black people and racism.

The Reception

The reception of the The Hate U Give was average 8/10. The Hate U Give has en-routed YA movies from escapism towards reality. Though the director focuses well on the vital areas like gun-shooting and the climax when Starr finally spoke. However, some raw areas were still apparent in the look and sound of major characters.

George Tilman has experimentally crawled ‘The Hate U Give’ inside a boundary of young -adult romance and fantasy. The movie has the same plot as sequenced in the novel. A lower-middle-class girl is the president of an area where a majority of black neighbors; cloned with their conventional attire and conducts, reside. The introductory scenes impulsively exhibit how these African-American inhabit their norms in Green Field. Secondly, viewers can envisage the influence of white dominance through open vehemence and racism, pushing behind the black youth

Two Lives of Starr Carter

Starr Carter (Amandla Sternberg) lives two lives: one at her home located in, the neighborhood of Green Field (favela with blacks). And another at Williamson Prep, her well-heeled, private school with white fellows Chris (The sweetheart KJ Apa) and BFF Kayleigh (Sabrina Carpenter).This contrasting lifestyle has initially portrayed Starr’s character as a subservient figure who is just confused about the incongruent lifestyles she experiences.

How the Story Progresses

Everything goes well until she met her childhood best friend, Khalil (Algee Smith). Starr becomes down when she knows that Khalil is working for the area’s biggest drug dealer. The drug dealer is King (Anthony Mackie, her half- brother’s father). The story revolves around a brutal incident, when Starr and Khalil are returning from a party. On the way home, a white police officer stops their car and for no reason shoots Khalil in a glimpse. The story directly tackles the issue of why Black Lives Matter is an important issue to this very day. The young boy is opening the car’s door to solace Starr. He just picked up a hairbrush when three direct shots finish Khalil’s story.


This is the Culmination point where Stenberg, carries all the performing burden on her shoulders. She has to create a harmony between the two lives by shutting her mouth about the incident as convinced by her subdued parents, Lisa (Regina Hall) mother and Father Maverick (Russell Hornsby). Starr thought she is in real depravity as neighborhood militants and activist April Ofrah (Issa Rae), demand justice against white predominance. Moreover, the situation worsens when King threatens Starr to remain silent about Khalil’s underworld connection with him.

Teenage Psychology

Starr does full justice with the teenage psychology when the conflicting edge comes along. Starr’s uncle Carlos perfectly captures the confusing cauldron of emotions. Carlos ultimately persuaded Starr to speak against this racist crime as she is the only witness who can matter. To spark-up Starr, Cops re-counts one of his similar on-the-job incident and how he felt about it. The melodrama then instantly snaps showcasing Amandla Sternberg in her original out-spoken genus. The rest of the story is the aftermath of Starr’s decision ending–up in a proto-type justified conclusion.

The Hate U Give is an honestly showcases the disparity between people of different color in this nation. To counter the depressing grave subject, some comic shades were blown out to balance the audience mood. Sekani, the youngest brother and Starr’s father create some hilarious moments and the subtle smile Starr cracks up upon meeting her boyfriend Chris all are blended well to synchronize the show. The hypocrisy of Starr’s white friends added flame to the story plot line. It shows some interesting ways which the message of Black Lives Matter is often ignored or misinterpreted.

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