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Celebrity Branding: How Social Media Helps Celebrities

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Currently, stardom and social media are practically synonymous. One one level: celebrities use social media for the same reason for which normal people do. And, that is to get connected with people. The ambitions depart when a normal person would want to get connected with loved ones while a celebrity would want to win recognition for his works amongst a mass following. That’s what we mean by celebrity branding. Several celebrities take to Twitter or Instagram to add selfies and promote their latest work or appearances. But there’s a rare permutation of celebrity branding, which genuinely use their social media platforms for good. They compel their fans and followers to discover passion in life and see the world through a more optimistic lens.

How Celebrities On Social Media Affect Us

When a noted celebrity signs up to promote a specific brand, we remember that. We recall the counterpart whenever we find any of them, and it simply becomes a psychiatric conundrum to dissociate the two. ( Think Jennifer Aniston and Aveeno). Social media is a more expressive platform for the construction of such a linkage: celebrities post about their personal and professional lives, which become more of open books. The inclusion of any hardware accessory or routine activity causes it to get a starry status, and people simply want to follow the example of those they idolize.  People have an increasing urge to see their favorite stars emit relevance to their own life. And when they see them utilizing the same products, eating the same food, holding the same emotions, and facing the same struggles it imbues a better sensation of connection.

Using Social Media For Good

Celebrities are socially active beings. They are widely known for their humanitarian services. And since they are largely associated with an industry that itself is a great agent of social change, their attitudes ought to be more progressive than ours. Actors John Krasinski and Emily Blunt teamed up before the release of their film, A Quiet Place, to bring some positivity to the world. If you follow either of them on Instagram media, you might have seen the funny videos posted by the duo where they encourage people to donate at least $10 to the Malala Fund within a certain timeframe. This would allow them to have a shot at hanging out with them during the premiere of their movie.

Not only in this way celebrities are able to market their work better, but they also bring good to society. Investing exclusively in the promotion of a noble cause would be like dragging around a third leg.

Social Media Changing How We Look At Celebrities

Social media presence of a few celebs has become a brand. The shift from newspaper and magazines to the ability to rigorously scrutinize your favorite star (with his/ her consent) has dragged celebrities more and more closer to the real world. To them, audience expectations are palpable, which enables them to perform in their best capacities. And to us, we realize the insurmountable challenges celebs have to strive against to rise to elevated positions. Social media helps in crafting of entertainment as an art. It vividly explores its dynamics, while giving a glimpse of settings in a reel universe.

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