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Lovecraft Country: Jorden Peele Doesn’t Deserve All The Credit!

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Audience everywhere is going crazy after HBO’s Lovecraft Country. The HBO special just released on the 16th of August and people are really enjoying it. Moreover, Jordan Peele, who is an executive producer on the show, is getting a lot of credit for it. But, people are giving him more credit than he deserves by thinking he directed and created the show. That credit goes to Misha Green, the actual director and executive producer of the show!

The show is based on the 2016 novel by Matt Ruff, which follows Atticus Black on a journey across America to find his missing father. However, it isn’t the modern-day United States, but the 1950’s Jim Crow America, without the Civil Rights. He is accompanied by his friend Letitia and his Uncle George on the road trip. But, the three of them have to face racist attacks from White Supremacists across America, along with horrifying monsters! Monsters that are like those from H.P. Lovecraft book. Hence the name, Lovecraft Country!
Lovecraft Country: Jorden Peele Doesn't Deserve All The Credit!
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Now, Jordan Peele is the star name associated with Lovecraft Country that is trending across Twitter. He has previously worked on “Get Out” as well as his 2019 film Us. And although he is one of the executive producers and has played a vital role in it, his name isn’t the only one that should be on everyone’s tongue. He is not the writer and director of Lovecraft Country.

Lovecraft Country is actually Misha Green’s brainchild

Jordan Peele Doesn't Deserve All The Credit For Lovecraft Country!

The real mastermind behind Lovecraft Country, who isn’t getting the credit she deserves is Misha Green. She is not only one of the executive producers, but also the writer and director, or in other words, the showrunner. She has written or contributed to the Teleplay (script) of each of Lovecraft Country’s episodes and has practically developed the entire show from the source material. And there were Twitter users who made sure that her name got highlighted along with Jordan Peele on the trends.

Therefore, whenever you’re enjoying Atticus Black’s journey across 1950’s America, remember that there’s an incredibly talented woman behind it. Misha Green deserves recognition for her work on Lovecraft Country just as much as Jordan Peele, if not more.

The next episode of Lovecraft Country will air on August 23rd on HBO Max and other streaming platforms of HBO. There will be a total of 10 episodes in the first season of the show. Don’t miss out on them!

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