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Why Celebrities Are Being So Political Right Now

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Politics just got so much more interesting now that our favorite celebrities have decided to get involved. Previously, every now and then, you would hear something from few of them. Either it would be the candidate they are rooting for or their indignation at some particular happening. But it was mostly in the elections season. However, the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh as the US Supreme Court Justice has changed many mindsets. Even those celebrities who previously did not meddle with politics publicly are ready to use their own positions. And with the US midterms approaching soon, almost all of the popular celebrities have gotten political. Even Taylor Swift is suddenly being political now! And not taking political stances was her own thing- something she even drew criticism for. Now that she has ended her long-held public neutrality, there must be a real reason behind it.

Why Are Celebrities Being Political?

The political situations in the country have never been worse. US President Donald Trump has been much of a chaotic figure. With controversial policies and degrading tweets, the rights of many people in the country have simply been manipulated. And now with the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh as the Supreme Court Justice, despite numerous women reporting him for assault, the chances of a better future seem way too thin. But to save the day, and the nation, many of our celebrities are stepping in. They are finally channeling their power and influence to urge their followers to make the right choices through their votes in the US midterms. And these mega stars are directing their popularity in the right ways. We might just hope that these become the rays of hope for a much pleasant future for America.

What’s even better is that maybe these stars have taken this up as a responsibility. And not just something to do for hype or more viewership. Chelsea Handler has been so committed to devoting her time towards helping the country that she abandoned her Netflix show to focus on political activism. Her main reason for leaving her eponymous talk show on Netflix was President Trump’s presidency. She needed a defining moment for the nation. And therefore, decided to campaign for political stability as well as other rights like nominating more women in public offices.

Which Celebrities Are Rooting For Change?

Well, almost all of them. Especially the most popularly favorite ones and you’ll definitely love the way that they are advocating for political rights. And now that the US midterms are drawing even nearer, we’ll see an increase in such social media posts.

Taylor Swift

Recently, Taylor Swift made a lengthy Instagram post concerned with the upcoming US midterms. The singer even shared how she has changed her views on not talking about politics openly. Previously, she chose to blatantly reject the idea of any such discussion. But owing to personal events and world changes in the two years, she feels differently now. Taylor Swift also shared her criterion for a good candidate. And probably that won over everybody once again. She considers almost everything we would expect a reasonably mature citizen to look at- from human rights to racism to LGBT support and disagreement with discrimination. Taylor Swift also publicly endorsed the two Democratic candidates from Tennessee that she would be backing. Including Phil Bredesen for Senate and Jim Cooper for House of Representatives.


Beyonce has also previously used her platform to urge people to utilize their votes. She said that nobody was helpless. And that people have literally sacrificed their lives to give us our own voice. So, everybody should use it wisely to make things great for their children in the coming future. Beyonce also claimed that it was people who used their votes to put a black man in the White House for the first time. That influence changed the course of history so it was essential to exercise the right to vote for democracy. Beyonce’s powerful speech quickly went viral making an impact on a lot many people.


It’s very hard to name a popular celebrity that has not used their fame for the future of the country lately. In the past, the election day brought many tweets and Instagram posts telling fans that they had also voted and the power of an individual vote. So with the US midterms coming up, the same is probably going to repeat.

Let’s just not let their efforts go in vain. And make sure our choice in the US midterms reflects the power of vote!

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