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What’s Jeffree Star’s New Collection? Product Details and more

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Alright, So I really don’t have any idea from where I should start as Jeffree Star has once again sent me in a huge state of shock. As the beauty mogul just revealed his very new and sultry collection in a YouTube video.

And the name of this collection is super shocking to me and a lot of people out there. “O*gy* collection and palette reveal is out on Jeffree’s YouTube channel. But the official launch date on the website is yet to be revealed.

Jeffree Star talks about his new collection O*gy

Let’s see what Jeffree feels about his new collection.

“The word o*gy is something which I have experienced one or a hundred times. But this is an o*gy of n*des. As a makeup artist and all the artists out there, I think you are going to die for this palette.”

Oh, and he further adds that this palette ‘o*rgy’ is the best palette that he has ever made. Naughty Jeffree, we all know why you like this palette so much.

Okay so I am literally in awe by the eyeshadow palette and I badly want to get my hands on one of the mini ones as well.

So now let’s talk about the whole collection in detail.

O*gy eyeshadow palette

So this eyeshade palette consists of 30 matte shades of n*udes. Starting with the light and cool tones and ending with the warm and dark tones.

And you guys won’t believe what Jeffree actually named these eyeshade colors.

“The first shade is called ‘I’M Shy’. Then we have Vanilla L*tex. The implant which is of course a plastic surgery reference.”

He further adds that almost all of the shades sound super e*otic and vulgar. I guess now it’s too late to apologize.

“We have f*uffer, we have b*ow*ut.”

I don’t think I can go into further details or if I can even get the courage to write down all the eyeshades for you guys.

Okay last but not the least, ‘top, bottom and versatile’. I mean just wow.

Mini O*gy Palette

Alright, so I am really excited about this mini metallic eyeshade palette. Let’s hope that it doesn’t have any sort of weird names like the big O*gy palette.

“We have glass wet, champagne drip, explicit, foam party, and ….”

My head is hurting and the nausea is literally hitting me like a heart attack. Whoever came up with these names, deserves six claps.

So if you don’t want a bigger palette, you can go for this mini one because it’s glittery and super pigmented.

I won’t go into much details about the lip colors because all six of them are ahh-mazing. Then there is a huge collection of mini velour lipstick n*des consisting of 25 different colors.

Magic Star Luminous Setting Powder

We all know how setting powders are a must for fixing, setting, and baking the face after foundation. So Jeffree revamped the older version of the setting powder with the new formula and created nine new ones that doesn’t give the cakey effect.

We are almost done for today, let us know what you guys think about Jeffree’s new collection. The collection has a really different yet catch name. So let’s see how fans are going to react to this whole new and wild collection.

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