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How Celebrities Reacted to Brett Kavanaugh’s Appointment

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Although several women charged assault claims against Brett Kavanaugh, the Senate confirmed his appointment as the US Supreme Court justice. But this lifetime appointment has caused an array of emotions to surface from all our favorite celebrities. And thankfully, many of them did not disappoint and expressed outrage at this nomination. Well, that means their sanity is still intact. And unfortunately, we can not say the same about the US Senate.

The Celebrity Reactions

The sentiments that our celebrities displayed are not different to what we had all been feeling. Or to what anybody who can reason would feel. So naturally, the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh was met with disappointment and indignation.

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler took to Twitter to write that the day was a gross one in history. But she said that they will continue to fight and fight. And even when they might not see the results right away, their daughters will see them. And that’s absolutely correct. We hope that the next generation of females meets men less disgusting than Brett Kavanaugh. Especially the ones who are put in charge of supreme posts in the country. Handler also urged everyone to not give up and continue to fight harder. Chelsea Handler is known for being vocal as a political activist. And undoubtedly, Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment at such a post disturbed her very well. So, the upcoming US midterms are the support she is leaning on.

Kathy Griffin and Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon expressed that she was waiting for November. Aren’t we all? For those who are blank on the subject, the US midterms are approaching in November. And it’s the last desperate hope we have to change the future of this country. The liberals are angry at the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh. And the US midterms are the only ray of hope they have towards the coming days. Maybe, that’s why all the celebrities are urging people to go out and vote.

Kathy Griffin also made a tweet saying that it was a terrible day in American history.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen hit the right spot another time. And proved why she will continue being favorite all our lives. She made a tweet for Dr. Ford appreciating her efforts and her movement saying that nothing went in vain. Most importantly, she conveyed the power they all had- with their votes, if not their voices.

Alyssa Milano

With the extended support that Alyssa Milano offered to Dr. Ford throughout all this, you can imagine how she must be feeling with Brett Kavanaugh as the Supreme Court Justice. She brought attention to how the number of Trump appointed judges is insane keeping in view that Brett Kavanaugh was the 69th one. And made this the justification for courts not filtering Trump’s harmful policies.

As almost all celebrities mourn the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh as the Supreme Court Justice, it’s a happy day for President Trump who is all set for celebrations.

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