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Jeffree Star Busts Rumors About his Grandma, Robbery at JS Cosmetics & his Dating life

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So Jeffree Star is finally back on his YouTube with a brand new video “Addressing RUMORS About Me While Testing New Makeup“.  We all know how the makeup mogul was avoiding to be a part of the ongoing Beauty community drama. But it was really sensible of him to post an apology video and admit his mistakes.

Jeffree Star is back in action and let’s see what he has in store for us. We are just going to shed more light on the rumors and less light on the makeup products.

Jeffree Star Addresses Rumors About Him

So grab a bucket of popcorn and make yourself comfortable. Because Jeffree is surely going to address a lot of strange rumors.

“While I apply my makeup guys, I’m just gonna talk freely. . . I am over rumors and bullsh*t. Everyone is making fake sh*t. Girl, there are photoshopped DMs going around this week for me. And sh*t that I have never said”.

So there has been a rumor going around that there is a police report about a robbery in Jeffree Star’s warehouse. And products which are worth ten thousand dollars are stolen.

“It’s so silly. But people run with things and I get it. This is what 2020 is about. A lot of people are bored and miserable. And they just want to make up sh*t all day…

There were 30,000 units of just concealers and so many other things. It was so horrifying, awful, and scary. So for someone who is trying to minimize it like it was a hoax or something.”

Wow! Why am I hearing thing rumor only right now?

“Sadly, my robbery was real. No matter what everyone wants to say. That was over a year ago. So I can’t believe that was even brought up again.”

Jeffree also talks about his love life and grandma

Thankfully he is addressing his relationship once and for all. A lot of fans were really confused about Jeffree’s relationship with Jozea Rose.

“I am currently single. I am not dating anyone.”

That is interesting considering he was having fun dates with Jozea a few weeks ago. But Jeffree Star did explain:

“I am hanging with someone but we are not serious at all”.

And here Jeffree is referring to the final rumor regarding his grandma:

“You know how I have mentioned my grandma a few times. My grandma Mary’s real age is 103. Okay, she turned that in July this year. But when we did our video, I said my 100-year-old grandma. So everyone thinks she is not real, she is fabricated and she is all lie.”

Jeffree Star further mentioned that his grandma is pretty much real and she lives in Orange County. So, there’s that!

Stay tuned for more updates related to Jeffree and his new ventures.

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