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4 Foreign TV Shows Crying Out Loud For An American Adaptation

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Once you have grown tired of the redundant political/crime thrillers scattered like ants on TV, you can turn away to realize how many creative foreign TV shows are there that have nothing to do with America. Across the borders, and beyond the oceans cultures are very different.  Though, the mainstream conflicts remain largely the same, trivial social aspects assimilate to create what we call ‘diversity’. Every country produces shows that address its own native woes. While these can sound familiar to the maiden land where they are showcased, some shows can simply astound foreigners. Let’s take a look at a few amazing foreign TV shows that should have an American adaptation of their own.

3% From Brazil

Dystopia and Capitalism, critics argue that these terms can often be interlinked. Though American TV is yet to do practical work with this hypothetical view, A Brazilian thriller has already explored its realities. 3% is a piece of art, where only 3% of the global population is allowed to live a life of luxury and comfort. The rest are left out to either die or live miserably. This foreign TV show follows a group of aspiring 3-percenters as they fight their way through government-designed tests and trials. The elite are selected annually via a governmental ‘process’ –a rigorous Google like selection interview- and the show sets in its harshest tone when few aspects of the ‘process’ start to appear justified. Such a show can be adapted into a series on HBO.

Boys Over Flower From Korea

Korean Teen Drama ‘ Boys Over Flowers’ has more foreign language adaptations than its total number of episodes. As a youth show, Boys Over Flowers proved to be a foundation stone for several teen dramas. In fact, we can strongly feel the essence of its various tracks on several CW shows. The concept, which follows a vivacious poor girl’s journey into a college for the elite, isn’t something drastically exquisite. But the endearing approach of the lead girl in her interactions with the college’s popular F4 is strongly morally uplifting, and breaks down some major stereotypes. It did not dwell too much in the romantic angles, instead, there was a laser focus on the independent college lives of Shinhwa High School. The CW can get its own Boys Over Flowers to beef up its programming lineup that relies awfully too much upon.

Administration vs. youth was essentially a significant theme on the show, much unlike how Riverdale tries to do it. Internal college conflicts were reliably relatable.

Babylon Berlin From Germany

Germany owns an ingenious period crime thriller. Even though it holds congruency to several shows on American television, I cannot put my hand on a single show to make safe comparisons.  And, this is the prowess of Babylon Berlin. Set in 1929, this yummy thriller takes from a lot of period pieces but sets itself visually apart from every show that had inspired it. Volker Burch stars as Gereon Rath, a German police commissioner who works to uncover a conspiracy lurking in the city’s darkest corners. Liv Lisa Fries is also a part of its colorful ensemble. Its adaptation can dawn new revelation about the golden age of Germany, and political realities of the bygone era.

Les Revenants From France

Tired of The Walking Dead? Well, then this French take on Zombies is exactly the show for you. In The Returned (Les Revenants), the dead come back to life in a sleepy village. But here is where the story departs. There is no gore, carnage-packed action! Instead it is about socially reinstating zombies. Resurrected people want to continue their lives from where they left them. However, since their death, their loved ones have moved on. The show, essentially a reality check on the truths of mortality, is what suits the free environment of Netflix. Netflix is a platform socially aware, and since it has taken it upon itself to address all the sorrows in a revolutionary world it can handle an American ‘Returned’ with palpable audacity.

These foreign TV shows deserve to have their very won American adaptation!

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