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Alyssa Milano Says She Isn’t Lying About Having Coronavirus

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Trolls on Twitter very often take a dig at Alyssa Milano. But, this time one particular Twitter user may have taken it a bit too far. This user accused Milano of having lied about having COVID-19 back in April. As a result, Milano lashed out at the user, saying that she didn’t lie about having Coronavirus.

A Twitter user claims Alyssa Milano faked having COVID-19

Twitter is a massive hub for conspiracy theories. But, Milano never thought that there’d be a conspiracy theory about her going viral on the internet. User Carlos Osweda @COsweda wrote a whole thread about how the Charmed star was lying about having Coronavirus. She only backed her claims by saying how Milano claimed to be on oxygen while she was recording her podcast. The thread said:

(Alyssa Milano) says she was on oxygen on April 2, 2020, after being so sick for two weeks that she couldn’t breathe.

So from March 13, 2020, she was so sick she couldn’t breathe.

Around March 21, she interviewed Adam Schiff for her podcast.

Alyssa Milano lashes out

After reading that thread, Milano did not come politely in response. She openly lashed out at Osweda’s absurd claim, tweeting:

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Why would I f*cking lie about having a virus?

The only claim made by the thread against Alyssa Milano was how she kept posting podcasts and social media content. However, the content we share on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc is only what we decide to share in front of the world. Milano has continuously disclosed how Coronavirus affected and continues to affect her health. She showed how it damages her hair growth and that she continues to have many symptoms related to COVID-19. Moreover, she has nothing to gain by faking Coronavirus. But, this is just one of the many trolls that engage with Milano on a daily basis in her replies.


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