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Everything You Need To Know About Riverdale Season 3

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Life gets tough when you have an impending SAT exam, but you have to deal with murders, monsters, serial killers, underground criminal bosses, and pedophilic teachers. Sigh, CW’s ostensibly most popular show will be back on the game soon, as it aired its third season premiere on Wednesday 10th October. Riverdale has a convincing habit, it gets us to trust its inevitable final episode revelation, it disappoints us by not living up to its promises, but somehow gets us back into trusting the new leaf it claims to have turned over. It has done this with us twice. I’d say I am not falling for it again. But sadly I already have. So, as unapologetically as I put it, let’s take a look at what season three has to offer.

Riley Keough Joins the Cast

First of all, new entries galore in the upcoming season. Remember how Riley Keough specifically tweeted back in March that she wanted to join Riverdale? Yes, her twitter wish has come true (She can try and ask for a bag of gold). Riley has been roped in to play a farm girl who will offer Jughead and Archie shelter when they would be left stranded. However, as we can tell from creepy Polly’s creepy behavior that things about the farm aren’t really straightforward, this farm babe will also have sensuously dangerous layers to her character. The mantle has been passed, Grundy, Penny, and now Laurie Lake.

We’ll See Jughead’s Whole Family!

Riverdale has also been joined by veteran actress Gina Gershon as Gladys Jones, Jughead’s mother, and Trinity Likins as Jughead’s sister, Jellybean “JB” Jones. While the introduction of family is generally a comforting reinstitution, it is always terribly sneaky in Riverdale. Since Daddy head has already moved on with Alice, it is not difficult to see that Gladys will have something romantic to do with the love deprived Fred. I would honestly love to see Archie and Jug as stepbrothers; step-mom step-dad drama is also the kind of melodrama Riverdale desperately needs right now. JB, whom Riverdale tried to establish as the town’s most innocent kid is a dutiful daughter. She helps her mother run scams and following suit she runs few of her own too. Yes, you heard me right.

Love Triangles Get Even More Complex

The love triangles will again be a real thing. While season two tried to complicate the classic triangular love concept into a more intricate and hum-dum quadrilateral, season three is going back to square one. Veronica tells Hiram that she and Archie are endgame, but the game ends up with Veronica finding another love interest. This can be a set-up by Veronica- who has inherited the cerebral instincts of Hiram- to misguide her father. But after Archie and Betty’s passionate lip-lock last season, we just can’t turn our heads away from the possibility of trouble is back in paradise. Alice is supposed to be in bed with FP, as suggested by the trailer. (It is pointless to talk about the appropriate aspect.) However, she will land up taking a keen interest in Betty’s new friend Evelyn Evergreen’s dad.

Cults and Suicidal Game

We can’t safely say if there is actually some real American Horror Story- esque stuff going on. But, some things are surely not normal about this already abnormal town. There is a book featuring serpents as literal demons, Betty appears possessed in a scene, and there are also stripped guys taken captive for some satanic ritual. We could have excused all of this as mere coincidence. But Riverdale went ahead to feature a horned, black demonic figure for a split of a second. It can be a psychological illusion, it can be a stage 2 black hood. But whatever it is, it has some strong connections with the farm cult pagan crap.

In short, if you have winded up the last season of American Horror Story, brace yourselves for Riverdale: Cult.

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