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‘The Office’: Steve Carell Once Shut Down Production To Support Writers

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We all know how Steve Carell’s Michael Scott considered himself the “world’s best boss” in The Office (US). In reality, Carell wasn’t the boss of the production of the show, but he may be the “world’s best colleague”. For instance, he supported a writer’s protest in 2008 by shutting down the production of the NBC original sitcom.

The Office: Steve Carell Once Shut Down Production To Support Writers

We all know how Michael Scott was as a boss in Dunder-Mifflin’s Scranton branch. But, the actor who played him, Steve Carell was a great human being as well. According to a piece on The Atlantic, he loved and cared for his cast and crew of The Office as well.

The 2008 Writer’s Guild protest

On November 5, 2008, the Writer’s Guild of America (WGA) went on strike. The purpose of the strike was for the writers to get more profits from the content put online. As a result, 60 shows were affected by this, and that included The Office as well.

Interestingly, Steve Carell was a part of the Guild as well. The strike was a huge gamble by the Guild because it didn’t just end up shutting down production. It also put other employees out of work too. As a result, the Screen Actor’s Guild encouraged the workers to stand with the writers, according to Buzzfeed.

Steve Carell joined the cause by shutting down production

At the time, the show was on season 4, with only 12 episodes shot out of the 30. But, a few of the actors also joined in the cause, one of which was the lead actor, Steve Carell. And their protest did not go in vain. As a result, the Writer’s Guild won a portion of the profit.

Even though the Writer’s Guild is a huge association, the contribution of big names like Steve Carell matters a lot. It goes a long way in legitimizing the demands. And as a result, more money goes into the pockets of writers nowadays instead of multi-billion dollar productions.

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