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4 TV Shows That Lost Their Spark

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All good things must go. This is a de facto rule of the universe that keeps its balance maintained. When TV shows, no matter how good, choose an overstay; they simply begin to rot. American TV is currently home to several shows that date back to half a century ago. Their quantity has led their quality to decay, and it would be an intelligent move to cull a few shows.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is Rick-less now (Gaps). This AMC fantasy dystopian thriller has run its gears long enough that now they are producing loud annoying clinks with friction. The Walking Dead has been presumably washed off its entire original cast. And now it is out of places to go to. The zombies don’t scare us anymore, The villains are pathetically written (think Negan), the plot-lines have lost their laser focus ages ago, the cliffhangers are no more trustable (Who does Negan kill), and the tracks are full of coward deception.

After losing its hero, The Walking Dead’s upcoming edition will try to align itself into the reconstruction of a demolished society. This sounds like a logical full stop to a series that has continuously circulated around action-packed survival quests. Angela Kang needs to let go off her show with some dignity, unfortunately, she doesn’t seem to ponder over seriously upon the idea. We talked about how The Walking Dead should end already in-depth as well.


CW’s glorious superhero show has not exactly garnered the prizes it rightfully deserved. Blame its genre or the network it airs on (CW is the academy’s step-red head child); Arrow never really got its due credit. But the harsher reality is, Arrow will have to bid farewell as a sad show. The show’s soap-operish run has caused it to grow stale, a single episode will focus on a single villain because very simply there is not much to talk about.

The storyline is stagnant, and the sequences hold an embarrassing sense of predictability. Season 3 and 4 were disappointing, but the series bounced back with a brilliant 5th season, which was followed by an equally good 6th season. The Arrowverse is expansive, so if the parent show faces the ax, there will not be much of void. The show is in a position that it can walk out safely with creative ingenuity. Otherwise, it will simply lose the charm it had worked so hard to regain.

Silicon Valley

I see myself wanting the show that had made me laugh out loud to push itself towards some kind of ending. Perhaps I am in denial, but I have simply devoted myself to watching the show although it is not even good anymore. The Pied Piper gang must be oriented into opening up rich veins of creativity, but instead, the show is more about Richar’s racist gags aimed at Jian Yang. Josh Brener is a regular cast member who simply does not appear in the latest seasons first 3 episodes. There is no gender mix, no light on the contemporary issue. There are not even enough good jokes anymore. In fact episodes have thrown into a turbine that cycles off to dish out what already has been showcased several times before.

Grey’s Anatomy

ABC’s medical drama needs to bid goodbye desperately. The show was popular during the era when people were in need of a like scale melodrama. Even ten years later, Meredith Grey is dealing with the same old problems we saw in season 1. What’s worse is that the original cast of Grey’s Anatomy isn’t even there anymore! The scope is shallow, and the storyline has exhausted itself. Even if the show reinvents itself between successive seasons, it will not be able to recreate its initial grace.

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