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Mark Ruffalo Fired From Avengers Because of Spoiler?

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In his recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Mark Ruffalo stirred some trouble for himself. When he was asked if he had any information to share about the next superhero blockbuster, Ruffalo could barely contain his excitement. As he revealed the Infinity War sequel’s title, he threw the fans into some frenzy. But it immediately led to his firing from the franchise. And we are assuming that it was not the reaction that Mark Ruffalo was expecting.

How Did Mark Ruffalo Reveal the Title of the new Movie?

When chatting to Jimmy Fallon, Mark Ruffalo teased the name of the upcoming movie. And it had been a pretty huge secret up till now. Not just that, the actor also discussed details from one of his huge scenes on Avengers 4. But Ruffalo soon realized that he had made a huge mistake. However, it was too late to control any damage now. Before his interview with Jimmy Fallon was broadcast on television, Mark Ruffalo contacted the host through Twitter. And asked him to edit the final version in a way that his spoiler slip was cut out. Unfortunately, the directing team of Avengers spotted this on social media. The Russo Brothers replied to his tweet telling him that he was fired.

It Was All a Joke!

What’s even more disappointing that Mark Ruffalo being fired is that when Marvel fans tuned into television sets on Friday, they got to see nothing. All of the spoiler spills from Mark Ruffalo were bleeped out. And basically, we got to know nothing at all. The Hulk actor did not let the tweet go easy too. He responded pleading with the directors if they could talk about it. There were a lot many fans who thought that Mark Ruffalo was being fired for real. And they jumped up to the actor’s defense arguing that he could not be fired for he played a great Hulk. But before the loyal ones lost their mind and started attacking Russo Brothers, somebody cleared that it was a joke.

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