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James Charles apologizes to Alicia Keys after shading her new beauty product

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Alicia Keys recently revealed that she is launching a new beauty product. She partnered with Elf for the occasion. However, many criticized her for doing this because she herself claims to go makeup-free. The prominent critics were the beauty gurus of YouTube James Charles and Manny Mua. They didn’t understand why someone who does not use the makeup themselves would launch a makeup product. But after they tweeted that out, they were under fire for not supporting Black actresses doing business deals. James Charles then issued a direct apology to Alicia Keys for his statement.

How James Charles shaded Alicia Keys

When the first news broke out about Alicia Keys partnering with Elf for releasing a beauty product, this is what James Charles tweeted out:

James Charles Shades Alicia Keys

Following the same sentiment, Manny Mua also tweeted out about the news:

Manny Mua Shade

Following some backlash, James Charles ended up deleting the tweets. However, people were still criticizing Alicia Keys for coming up with a beauty product after she’s not a person that likes to associate with makeup:

Alicia Keys Makeup

Though, some pointed out how it was unfair for people to criticize her new product when they don’t even know if it’s going to feature makeup. One user shared:

Alicia Keys is launching SKINCARE. Beauty and MAKEUP are not mutually exclusive.
Indeed, Alicia Keys is coming up with a skincare line that doesn’t conventionally fall in the scope of makeup. But it does come under the beauty category. Many people are showing their support for singer Alicia Keys saying that even if she isn’t interested in makeup, people should not judge her for launching beauty products:
Support Alicia Keys Skincare

People were also saying that it was a race issue since James Charles was showing a lot of support for the D’Amelio sisters Charli and Dixie when they launched their beauty products. However, when it came to a Black actress coming up with a skincare line, everyone started criticizing her:

Alicia Keys Racism

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 James Charles now apologizes for his shade

Today, James Charles tweeted out a long apology directed towards Alicia Keys.
James Charles Apology Alicia Keys

James Charles shares that he was frustrated by the fact that many celebrities just do a brief product launch in the beauty world and then take some money and leave. However, James admits that it wasn’t his place to be a ‘gatekeeper’ of the makeup world.

He admits that it was his mistake to post a vague tweet that was indirectly about Alicia Key. The YouTuber acknowledges that he spoke too soon and Alicia is the best person to launch a skincare product.

The Instant Influencer creator and judge ends the note with:

Regardless of my intention with my tweet, it ended up being a microaggression against someone I respect, so to @aliciakeys I owe a direct apology – I’m sorry. It wasn’t my place to gate keep this industry. I can’t wait to support and try out the products and I know the brand will be worth a billion in a few years.

Microaggression is defined as a subtle act of discrimination against people of a racial or ethnic minority. Hence, this last statement addresses the allegation of James Charles being racist against Alicia Keys.

Let’s see if she responds or not.

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