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These TV Shows Ended Before We Got Our Closure

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While shows like “The Walking Dead”, “Young and Hungry” continue their nightmarishly long run on TV, there have also been several TV shows that were blown off spirits before their rightful deaths. True, when shows continue for ages, they become obsolete. However, some TV shows connect with their audience in such ways that they simply get absorbed into households. When these TV shows end, audience is left wanting for more. What is worse is that few incredible shows get the plug pulled of them early due to technical difficulties backstage. These are the ones that puncture unfulfilling lacunas, and create voids that people yearn to be filled for their entire lives. We are talking about Pushing Daisies, Rome, Deadwood and Party Down.

Pushing Daisies

If The Good Place can be compared to anything on TV, it would be Bryan Fuller’s Pushing Daisies. The quirky fantasy comedy aired from year 2007- 2009, before facing the axe after two seasons. Lee Pace, of Guardians of Galaxy fame, played the titular character of Ned. Ned was a pie maker, but that wasn’t the only capacity for his expedient performance in Pushing Daisies. He was also finely versed in bringing back the dead to life all by a simple touch. TV’s darkest forensic fairytale achieved major milestones within the two years of its launch. It holds 7 Emmys out of 17 nods, 3 Golden Globe nominations, and a DGA award. Pushing Daisies was overwhelmingly applauded for its witty narration, exquisite visuals, and eccentric perplexity. Unfortunately, a writers’ strike coupled with a lack of sophisticated audience to pour in numbers for the show led to its untimely cancellation and it ended.


HBO does not really hold a despicable record for its programming changes. But when it is unfair, it is terribly terribly unfair. HBO once aired an epic historical drama called ‘Rome’. Best remembered for its exemplary assemble of actors, heart wrenching narration, and magnificent archive, the show brought it a lot of critical acclaim for its parent networks.  When Rome was ultimately thrown to the slaughterhouse after two successful seasons, the writers expressed their disappointment by elaborating about the directions the show would have headed off to if it would continue. Rome fell prey to the ‘cost –inefficiency ‘syndrome. It was unreasonably hard to include massive scale grandeur into a show with a low production budget, hence the operating minds ended things.

Party Down

When people try to break into Hollywood, their struggle period composes of astonishingly bizarre jobs. In Party Down the lead crew consisted of all party caterers, all of whom, had their souls sucked out by the mundane, drab nature of their job.  It was also a kind of comedy that was simply too perceptive for casual interpretation (think Westworld). And this, subsequently led to its unforeseen closure after 2 seasons. The Starz comedy beamed a vibrant ensemble of polished comedians including Adam Scott, Ken Marino, Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr, and Jane Lynch. However, it soon got enveloped in creative mayhem, ratings did not prove satisfactory and Jane Lynch and Adam Scott opted out of the show. These unfortunate circumstances meant the show had to be ended just after two seasons.


HBO has repeatedly churned out nothing less than the best for TV. In its inventory of brilliant concepts, there was also a western period fable that followed the lives of real people in an 1870 South Dakota. It audaciously traced down obscure themes like community formation and Western capitalism, its writer David Milch gave it a rich Shakespeare like script, its three seasons won it 8 Emmys and one Golden Globe. HBO; however, was not very entertaining to the cast and crew’s starry attitudes, demands, and tantrums. It shut down the show without even letting in come to a logical end. There were plans for the show to wrap up its loose ends in two feature length films. But, it has been 12 years now and we are still waiting for HBO to grand Deadwood a finale that might be able to give us closure.

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