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Twitter & Jeffree Star react to FBI raiding Jake Paul’s home

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The famous YouTuber, singer, and a boxer, Jake Paul, has proved multiple times that he is not scared of anything. Whether it is getting ‘married’ to his short-term girlfriends. Or, whether it is hosting huge home parties when millions of people are suffering around the world, he is really not scared. Jake Paul loves controversies. And he is into weird yet dangerous stunts that he films for his YouTube channel. Many people were expecting the authorities to take legal action against the younger Paul after his recent home parties. Jake has not been a vocal advocate of the standard protocol needed amid the global pandemic. Even though many people wanted him to stop risking other people’s lives, none of them was expecting the FBI raiding his house. Jeffree Star, on the other hand, did not know why the FBI was in Calabasas.

FBI raids Jake Paul’s home | Twitter reacts

Just this morning, news broke the internet when TMZ reported that the FBI has raided Jake Paul’s house. What appears to be chaos in Calabasas, was FBI searching Jake’s house for undisclosed reasons. TMZ further confirmed that it was not another prank pulled by Jake Paul, the raid was real.

There was a small army of feds that arrived wearing tactical gear. However, no arrests were made. It is also unclear whether any evidence was seized during the raid.

Here’s the small army reportedly leaving Jake Paul’s house after raid.

Since the news hit the platform, Twitter has been reacting to the situation in a “happy” way. Many people called out Jake Paul for being problematic and deserving an FBI raid.

Even though the FBI has confirmed to sources that no arrests were planned or made. However, Sherlocks on Twitter finds it suspicious that the FBI would raid Jake Paul’s house with a small army dressed in tactical gear.

Some people are using the incident to start a wager.


This guy is betting on drugs.


Jeffree Star’s reaction

Jake Paul is currently trending on Twitter and people were expecting the news might be about his fight cancellation. But they were shocked to see the reason behind him trending on the internet.

Jeffree Star, on the other hand, is a resident of Calabasas who is on a small vacation to purchase a ranch in Wyoming. He just found out about the raid and did not know why the FBI was in Calabasas.

Jeffree Star

The story is still developing. Stay tuned for updates.

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