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Original Back To The Future Ending Was Used In Indiana Jones Instead!

And it's good that they didn't waste it.

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In Hollywood, script changing and a bit of alteration here and there is really nothing new. Re-castings, script rewrites are very common. In fact, movies, when finished, are rarely how they’re envisioned at the start. The same is the case with Back to the Future.

The original ending of Back to the Future was eventually scrapped. But, instead of deleting it out of existence, Steven Spielberg’s Indiana Jones used it as a sub-plot. After all, why throw away a perfectly cool ending?

How Back to the Future’s original ending was recycled

Original Back To The Future Ending Was Used In Indiana Jones Instead!
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The actor Jon Cryer, famous for playing Alan Harper in Two and a Half Men, once auditioned for Marty McFly. Sadly, he didn’t make the part, but he did share with us the original script for Back to the Future.

In a Twitter thread, Cryer famously recalled what happened at the end of the script. Remember that famous scene from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, where Indy saved himself from a nuclear blast by getting inside a lead-lined fridge? That was the original ending for Back to the Future.

Now, you must be scratching your head that how does it fit into the Robert Zemeckis epic? Well, it does when you realize that initially, there was no time-traveling Delorean. Instead, the original time travel involved nuclear fission and a bottle of Coke (not the one Pablo Escobar sold). Here’s Cryer’s thread on the original Back to the Future ending:

Yes, a Coca-Cola. But, there’s more to time travel than just a bottle of Coke. The Back to the Future writers initially thought a nuclear blast was the only way to get those 1.21 GigaWatts of power!

Just imagine how funny and bizarre it would have been to see Coca Cola instead of Plutonium as the secret ingredient for time travel. But, that’s what the writers thought worked best in the early days of Back to the Future.

What about Indiana Jones 5?

As of right now, news of Indiana Jones 5 is everywhere on the internet. But, none of them are very promising. They’ve suffered setbacks, as Steven Spielberg resigned from the film after issues with the script. Moreover, Harrison Ford gave some explanation himself as well for the delay, saying:

We’ve got some scheduling issues and a few script things to do but we are determined to get it right before we get it made.

And the pandemic isn’t helping at all as well. Therefore, we can expect a few more delays.

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