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Madonna’s Coronavirus Conspiracy Post Gets Flagged By Instagram

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It’s important that celebrities and stars use their platforms to spread the truth and speak for just causes. But, it looks like Madonna took the completely opposite route. She’s been sharing many Coronavirus conspiracy theories on Instagram. Moreover, her recent Instagram post flagged and took down her recent Instagram post for spreading the same misinformation.

Madonna spreads Coronavirus conspiracy theories, again

Madonna Coronavirus Conspiracy Post Gets Flagged By Instagram
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The viral video that the famous pop star shared on her Instagram was also shared by Donald Trump on his Twitter account. Twitter too flagged that video on the account of spreading COVID-19 misinformation.

Madonna shared that video, with the caption, “The truth will set us all Free! But some people dont want to hear the truth”. Meanwhile, she further claimed that authorities had found the cure of Coronavirus. However, they were hiding it to “let the rich get richer”. Moreover, Instagram also directed users to a webpage that debunked the claims in the video. It told the users that there isn’t any known cure to the virus altogether. Instagram eventually removed Madonna’s post.

Sadly, Madonna has previously shared Coronavirus conspiracy theory videos on her Instagram account too. She shared a video back in May, claiming she was going to breathe “COVID-19 air” after testing positive for antibodies. Going further back, Madonna also claimed in a video that COVID-19 is “the great equalizer,” implying it’s neither nor a bad thing.

Why celebrities should be more careful while using social media

There is a social responsibility on superstars like Madonna when sharing anything on their platform. With millions of followers all across the globe, people look up to celebrities and believe in what they say. And when they indulge in sharing misinformation and lies, those lies begin gaining traction among the public.

Therefore, Madonna and other stars like her should be extra careful before sharing anything on their socials. And if they do have such controversial beliefs, the least they can do is stay quiet.

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