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Ryan Reynolds Reacts To The Infamous Deadpool Leak

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For many of us, Deadpool is our favorite super-hero. After all, how could it not be? Seeing Ryan Reynolds as the most realistic superhero is a dream come true. But, Deadpool only exists because of an animated test footage that leaked online. After it received a lot of critical acclaims, 20th Century Fox gave the green light to the project. Looking back at it six years later, there’s no doubt that it was a wise decision. On the sixth anniversary of the leak, Reynolds reacts and looks back to that infamous leak.

Ryan Reynolds celebrates the famous Deadpool leak

It might not come off as a surprise, but Ryan Reynolds is one of the main suspects responsible for the leak. However, in public, he’s still trying to determine who did the leaks. After all, he should be thanking him, because Reynolds owes him his role as Wade Wilson. And so, on the sixth anniversary of the leaks, Reynolds decided to share an Unsolved Mysteries-style video of the leak on his Twitter account:

On the sixth anniversary of the leak, Ryan Reynolds is trying to find the reason for the delay behind Deadpool 3. However, it doesn’t look like any leak is going to force Disney to fit Deadpool 3 into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What’s the wait for Deadpool 3?

Ryan Reynolds Reacts To Infamous Deadpool Leak
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I think we’ve been waiting for the third film ever since we all saw the original Deadpool. Last December, Ryan Reynolds said that Deadpool 3 is under development over at Marvel Studios. Last May, Reynolds was thrilled about working with Marvel. But, the creator of the character, Rob Liefeld, has a very different opinion about the future of the franchise.

In May as well as July, Rob Liefeld said that Deadpool 3 was pretty much dead. Moreover, he said that Marvel was not interested in Wade Wilson anymore. This directly contradicts what Reynolds says. But, it does explain the delayed production of the film. However, as fans, we hope that Reynolds is right and Marvel gives us the much-awaited Deadpool 3.

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