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Twitter Outrage Over Lack Of Latinx Actors In Emmys Nominations 2020

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Yesterday, we finally got a look at the 2020 Emmy Award nominations. And there were a lot of shows of our liking that made it to the lists. But, award nominations don’t always fairly represent shows by their quality. There’s often some kind of racial prejudice as well. And this time, people noticed that it was more prominent against Latinx (Latino/Latina or Hispanic people) actors!

Only one Latinx in the 2020 Emmy Nominations

Twitter Outrage Over Lack Of Latinx Actors In Emmys Nominations 2020
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It did not go unnoticed that there was only one Latinx actor in the entire lists of 2020 Emmy nominations. And it was Alexis Bledel, nominated as Outstanding Guest in a Drama Series. Yes, you read that right, just one! Latinx people are the fifth largest ethnic group in America, with 1 in every 5 having Hispanic origins. Yet, their prominent presence in Hollywood was only deserving of one nomination?

However, when you look closely, you’ll find many talented, but ignored, Latinx actors. These include Rita Moreno, from One Day at a Time, Laura Gómez, from Orange Is the New Black’s final season. Moreover, the Emmys also ignored Melissa Barrera and Mishel Prada of Vida, Joaquín Cosío of Netflix’s Gentefied, Mj Rodriguez from FX’s Pose, and many others. There’s an endless list of extremely capable Latinx actors. But, it seems that only the Emmys are unable to spot them. However, Twitter was not so subtle in voicing their outrage in favor of Latinx actors.

Twitter was outraged

As soon as news broke out of there being only one Latinx nominee in the 2020 Emmys, Twitter was outraged. Many of them shared an article by The Daily Beast, which mentioned how Latinx actors have been ignored not just for this year, but many previous years too. The official Twitter handle for Hispanic Caucus, with 38 Congressional members tweeted:

There is not a single Latino or Latina nominated for @TheEmmys awards.
A demoralizing disappointment for the U.S.’s largest minority group, representing nearly 1-in-5 Americans. Hollywood must acknowledge and address the erasure of Latinx actors.

They further said how media depictions impact the perception of the public about Latinx people:

Media depictions of Latinos shape public perceptions. Lack of positive representation can lead to ignorance, even hate when taken to the extreme. There were good shows and performances by Latinos—@TheEmmyscould have chosen at least one to celebrate.

Furthermore, they appealed to studio executives to fund and produce more shows that highlight Latino stories:

Studio executives should green-light more films and shows starring Latinos, made by Latinos and telling Latino stories.
Latino stories are American stories.
Our stories are as good as anyones—as universal, as moving, as funny, as heroic. We deserve the opportunity to tell them.

Outrage from other Twitter users

Other than the Hispanic Caucus, other writers and producers raised their voices for Latinx actors too. These included Justina Machado, Steven Canals, Gloria Calderón Kellett, among others:

Now of course, in terms of diversity the Emmys were far more inclusive this year. They had a record number of Black people in the 2020 Emmy nominations, with 34.3% of the nominees being black. However, the Emmys were only finally forced to take note of so many talented black actors after the massive Black Lives Matter protests as a result of George Floyd’s killing. Would it take a national movement for them to realize the acting talent of so many Latinx actors? We hope not.


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