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Tana Mongeau & Erika Costell apologize for partying after ‘we don’t care’ video goes viral

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While the world is still waiting for the accountability video Tana Mongeau promised weeks ago, there is still no sign of a video. However, seems like her own mistakes have put herself in a position to hold herself accountable at earliest before it is too late. Tana has not been quarantining like the sensible influencers are doing. Instead, she was influenced by her ex-husband-current-BFF Jake Paul. Due to which, Tana ended up indulging in multiple parties back to back. She also dined out a lot with her team. Tana was also a part of Larray’s surprise birthday party guests. And they are still facing backlash for it. But what happened recently, has affected her fans deeply. A video clip of Tana Mongeau and Erika Costell partying & dancing got viral. And now, people are not ready to accept Tana’s apology.

Tana Mongeau & Erika Costell don’t care?

Tana Mongeau & Erika Costell have some things in common, including Jake Paul. Both have had some issues in the past. However, they were recently seen partying together in one of Tana’s Instagram stories. The IG story clip went viral due to the message both Tana & Erika were sending to their audience.

Listen! we don’t f*cking care. Sorry.

The statement received a huge backlash on the internet. Many fans called both Tana & Erika out for their insensitivity towards cor*navirus, deaths due to cor*navirus, patients under treatment and quarantined people.

The apology

A rising YouTuber Def Noodles called out Tana Mongeau & Erika Costell for attending a house party and saying “we don’t f*cking care”. The tweet has been seen by almost a million times by now. One of Tana’s old friends, Elijah Daniel, was the first one to call her out on her behavior.

Elijah Daniel

Soon after Elijah’s tweet, Erika Costell issued the apology from her side on her Twitter handle. The same was acknowledged by Elijah, who in return asked her to spread awareness to her fans and quarantine herself.

On the other hand, Tana Mongeau issued her apology on her Instagram story only. And we all know it only lasts for 24 hours.

Tana mongeau

The thing is, she has been doing it from a few weeks by now. Moreover, she also has her fans on hold for her accountability video. Was this statement enough from Tana for what she has been doing lately?

Elijah Daniel didn’t think so. And many fans agree with that. He said he is not reading apologies unless the ‘apologizer’ takes some action as well.


In fact, Elijah Daniel also called out Jake Paul, YouTube Creators and YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki for allowing such creators on their platform.

Fans are also reacting to Tana delaying her proper apology.


How many backlashes will it take for the influencers to take a proper action, stay indoors and be more sensible? Just last month Tana Mongeau apologized to Kahlen Barry through tweets for her past racist behavior. She also promised to make a video on it. But Tana is still adding to the list of actions she’ll hold herself accountable for. Let’s hope she does it before 2020 ends.

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