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James Charles Says Going to Larray’s Birthday Party was ‘Selfish and Stupid’

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James Charles recently attended Larray’s birthday party with all of his friends. The party was thrown by their mutual friend Nikita Dragun. And popular YouTubers, as well as prominent TikTok stars, were present. Many people did not take this very well. Fans and other YouTubers were calling them out for being so reckless during a pandemic. The virus is still very much there and there’s no proper cure for it yet. America is also gaining many cases day by day. In the midst of this, having influencers throw parties with over a hundred people in attendance is not wise. And that is exactly what James Charles agrees with.

James Charles calls going to the party a selfish and stupid decision

His latest video is titled ‘A Day In The Life of James Charles’. In it, he shows his audience what a busy day of him is normally like. It included his getting ready routine, how he takes pictures for Instagram, and much more. It was previously going to also feature some snippets of Larray’s birthday party. But him attending the party gave him a lot of backlash on the internet.

Tyler Oakley calls out Tana Mongeau James Charles Nikita Dragun

When James posted a tweet saying he’s going to address something important in his new video, fans wanted him to address the birthday party situation:

James Backlash


And James Charles is not one to let his fans down. In the middle of the video, we see James going to Larray’s birthday party and meeting Charli D’Amelio. Then this shows up:

James Charles Larray Birthday Party

James explains that he cut the party footage and didn’t add it in the video. Then he shared that he has been taking precautions such as wearing a mask in public and getting tested for COVID-19.

But he also admits going to any party is a ‘stupid and selfish’ decision. James Charles further says that the safety of everyone holds more significance than any party of a friend. He also stated that he does not want to promote this kind of reckless behavior and unsafe partying to his followers. He ends the note by urging everyone to wear masks and still follow social distancing.

When Tyler Oakley called all the influencers out for this, Larray also agreed with him. So, it seems like James and Larray are also understanding where they went wrong. Let’s see if others respond or not.

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