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Elton John’s Ex-Wife Demands £3 Million Over Film & Memoir

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Last month, news broke out that Elton John’s ex-wife, Renate Blauel, filed for legal action against the singer. However, we never got to find out the reason she went to the courts against John. Now, Blauel’s legal team has disclosed the nature of the legal action, and it could prove costly to Sir Elton John.

Renate Blauel is a sound engineer, who was married to Sir Elton John for 4 years, till 1982. She is suing John for some passages in his 2019 memoir Me, and his hit biopic Rocketman. Elton John’s ex-wife claims that these revealed details of the marriage, which is a breach of their divorce agreement. Moreover, these revelations triggered longstanding mental health problems for Blauel as well.

Sir Elton John’s legal team has responded to his ex-wife’s legal claim. They agreed that a divorce agreement does exist, but deny any breaches that could have caused “psychological harm”.

What part of Elton John’s memoirs and biopic affected his ex-wife

According to the official papers, Sir Elton John agreed to remove some passages from his autobiography about his ex-wife and marriage. In the final draft of the memoir, Blauel appears in only 8 pages. Even though John describes her in positive words, Blauel claims that some of the remaining passages “seriously misrepresented the nature of their relationship”.

In the book, Sir Elton John claims he did not enter his marriage to Renate Blauel with the intension of starting a family. However, his ex-wife claims that they “did attempt to have children during their relationship but were unable to do so”. Moreover, court documents revealed that a request to remove this passage was denied.

Moreover, Sir Elton John’s ex-wife also claims that she was not consulted for her appearance in Rocketman. In the biopic, Celinde Schoenmaker portrayed her, taking up less than 5 minutes of screentime. Furthermore, Blauel also claims that journalists tried to locate her in her village, which caused her a lot of anxiety. Her lawyer, Yisrael Hiller, told the BBC:

Renate is particularly upset by the film… In her mind, the film seeks to portray their marriage as a sham, which she wholeheartedly disputes and considers a false and disrespectful portrayal of their time together. Renate wants the privacy that was promised to her – that is why she is seeking an injunction. Any claim for monetary relief is secondary, and would just cover damages and future expenses caused by Elton’s breaches.

Sir Elton still feels guilty over the hurt he caused her

Elton John's Ex-Wife Demands £3 Million Over Film & Memoir Royalties
Wikimedia Commons

Even though their marriage lasted for 4 years, Sir Elton John still feels a lot of guilt and regret over the hurt he caused his ex-wife. In his memoir, Elton John wrote:

I’d broken the heart of someone I loved and who loved me unconditionally, someone I couldn’t fault in any way… Despite all the pain, there was no acrimony involved at all. For years afterward, whenever something happened to me, the press would turn up on her (Elton John’s ex-wife) doorstep, looking for her to dish the dirt, and she never, ever has: she told them to leave her alone.

Later on, Sir Elton John married filmmaker David Furnish in 2005, with whom he was two kids. Ever since the divorce, Renate Blauel has kept a low profile, rarely making any public appearances until last month.

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