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Russell Crowe Reveals Why He Felt Guilty Over His Gladiator Oscar Win

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You know that a movie was incredibly successful when it’s still talked about 19 years after release. Yes, we’re talking about the blockbuster Gladiator from 2001. And the movie set records at that year’s Academy Awards as well, with Russell Crowe winning the Oscar for best actor. But, he feels guilty about that win, saying that he felt less worthy.

Why does an Oscar make Russel Crowe feel less worthy?

Russell Crowe Reveals Why He Felt Guilty Over His Gladiator Oscar Win
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While speaking to the Today show, Crowe explained how Gladiator completely changed his career:

I went to Rome and sat and watched the film and it was a humbling experience, man, because I’m watching it and so much changed in my life. I got so many pats on the back, and, you know, I got some big awards and all that, and obviously that sort of stepped me up to a different level for quite some time.

However, the Oscar win made Russell Crowe uncomfortable that he got all the attention when it was really Ridley Scott’s masterpiece:

But I watched that movie, and it is a director’s film. It was one of those moments of, ‘Why did I get all the attention when the Academy Award belongs to Ridley Scott?’

It’s tragic that Ridley Scott did not win the Oscar for Best Director that year, even though he was nominated. But, the film still took home the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Sound, Best Visual Effects and Best Costume Design. However, Russell Crowe recently told Jimmy Fallon that the initial script of the Gladiator was very sub-par. He said:

The producer didn’t know I’d actually already been able to get a copy… but the thing he said is, ‘I don’t want to send you the document we have, because you won’t respond to it. But, I want to encourage you to have a meeting with Ridley Scott.

But, luckily, as history tells us, the Blade Runner director got Gladiator spot on. And the accolades speak for themselves.

On a Gladiator sequel?

Of course, no conversation about any blockbuster film is complete without talking about a sequel. However, Russell Crowe did consider his chances of being in a sequel of Gladiator a bit slim. A while back, Crowe reminded us of a small plot reminder from the film, which made it hard for him to star in a sequel. He said:

I keep being like this sort of party pooper when I say, I just wanted to remind you I died in the first one. So, I don’t really know. This far away, could we play with that? We could…

It would be interesting to see the studios could pull that off. But until then, we have Russell Crowe’s Oscar-winning performance from Gladiator to reminisce.

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