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Paris Hilton will share traumatic childhood events in new documentary

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We all think Paris Hilton is the OG influencer. Some think highly of her as using her resources right to create an empire that a lot of people know about. Though, some think she reflects the worst of our society and doesn’t deserve her success. Well, love her or hate her, she’s staying true to herself. In her upcoming documentary, she plans to disclose what happened to her in her childhood, claiming it was traumatic.

We’ll get to see a side of Paris Hilton we never saw before

Previously, Paris has shared that people only know her persona that she herself created for the world to see. But that’s not who she really is. Even the producers of the documentary claimed that we’ll see Paris Hilton’s personal side.

Recently, she opened up more about the documentary, ‘This is Paris’. She shared a new sneak peek of the documentary on Jimmy Kimmel’s show just this Tuesday. In the preview, Paris is sharing:

“No one really knows who I am. Something happened in my childhood that I’ve never talked about with anyone. I still have nightmares about it.”

The preview didn’t include any further information. But People obtained a clip and shared that Paris will discuss the mental abuse she dealt with as a teenager.

Though, in her interview on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Paris shared with the guest host Nikki Glaser how she was feeling about the documentary:

“I’m excited, but I’m also very nervous, you know, given the topics discussed in this film because it’s things I’ve never talked about before—really personal and traumatic experiences. So, to talk about that publicly is obviously very hard.”

Paris Hilton also explained that she is still camera-shy when she has to show her true self. The reality show star revealed that it was very difficult for her to show the real version of her. Though, in doing so, she learned more about herself. This led to her understanding herself better.

More about ‘This is Paris’

The documentary, This is Paris, is going to come in September 2020. Alexandra Dean serves as director meanwhile Aaron Saidman is the producer. The documentary will feature famous appearances from Kathy and Nicky Hilton and even Kim Kardashian.

The description of the document reads as:

“Paris Hilton was the original influencer and first celebrity to be adored simply for being famous. This Is Paris takes you into the complex reality of her life. Much more than a global brand or a reality star, Hilton is anxious, at times lonely, and tough as nails. Surviving childhood abuse, violent relationships, and extraordinary exposure in the media, Hilton projects a character of herself to the world to protect what is left of her youthful innocence. Haunted by the past and driven by an exceptional work ethic, Hilton is determined to make her own fortune and chart her own path.”

Well, that’s certainly something to look forward to.

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