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Even Wonder Woman is wearing a mask, why aren’t you?

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Gal Gadot isn’t just a hero on the screens, but also behind the camera. She shared a picture of her character, Wonder Woman, wearing a mask. This was to urge her followers and fans to realize the importance of doing this one gesture in the middle of the pandemic going on. She recently shared the picture on her social media.

Wonder Woman dons on a mask as she is out saving the world

Here is Wonder Woman pulling off the mask look effortlessly:

She’s taking a little break from kicking the bad guys to share an important message to the public: wear a mask! This one thing is very significant in reducing the spread of the pandemic that is going on. It does help save lives. And that is what Wonder Woman is all about after all.

This move of Gal Gadot fares better than her Imagine Cover

When the coronav*rus pandemic started and everyone was in quarantine, Gal Gadot had an idea. Her idea was to bring all her celebrity friends together and sing the cover of John Lennon’s Imagine. This really did not go over well because people did not think celebrities just singing a cover about a world in which there are worldly possessions is helping anyone. Especially, when the said celebrities are living in big mansions.

However, Gal Gadot’s intentions were good. She’s now trying to convince people to wear a mask which is important since many people are ignoring this.

Where was the iconic Wonder Woman picture taken?

DC fans are trying to also figure out where the picture of Wonder Woman was taken. In the upcoming movie Wonder Woman in 1984, the trailer shows a scene taking place in a desert region. The whole cast and crew of the movie may all have been wearing a mask against the dust that was blowing. But some fans are also hoping this picture is a reveal of ‘Knightmare Wonder Woman’.

The upcoming DC movie has been delayed due to the pandemic. The movie was supposed to arrive at the theatre screens this June but it got moved to October.

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