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Biohackers | Netflix’s new thriller will blow your mind

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Netflix just wrapped up one of it’s biggest European thriller hits, Dark. Many fans are still going through the withdrawals phase where they didn’t know what to watch next. Seems like they do not have to wait any longer. Or, probably they have to wait but they got the answer they’re looking for. Netflix has just released an official trailer for its upcoming European thriller series, Biohackers. Mixing biology with a revenge agenda? Who knew that’d be the best things happening to us in August 2020.


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Netflix brings Biohackers to blow your mind

Tired of watching all the angles of time-traveling but still want something exciting to watch? Biohackers is the answer to all of your wishes. I might seem too hopeful, but let’s face it. The trailer is very promising.

The story of Biohackers revolves around a girl Mia (Luna Wedler) doing a medical degree. She seems to be a normal and promising young talent. But no one knew that she had a plan all along. Mia gets the trust of Professor Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz) and poses she idolizes her. In reality, she is hiding a big secret that can change Lorenz’s life, as well as future of humanity.

Starring Luna Wedler, Adrian Julius Tillmann, Jessica Schwarz, Caro Cult, Jing Xiang, Biohackers will be the next best thing to Dark.


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Release date & trailer

Have you ever seen a glowing rat? We just did and we know it’s not real, but everyone wants one as a pet now. Biohackers has really upped the game of genetic concept. Using plants as pianos, petting a glowing rat, we can only guess what’s more the series will bring.

Biohackers releases on Netflix on August 20. That means, we have to wait a whole month for it. Get ready to binge-watch it and enjoy the trailer meanwhile.

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