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Riz Ahmed’s Mogambo Is A Masterpiece Only Few Can Appreciate

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It seems like Riz Ahmed has more to celebrate than the release of Venom this week. His latest single Mogambo also dropped. And the politically charged song does a lot more than we could have imagined. Not only does it give the middle finger to colonialism, but also highlights his Pakistani roots telling the people that the first world is no longer in control. Prior to the release of his single, Riz Ahmed extensively promoted it by initiating the Mogambo challenge. The British-Pakistani actor asked people to recreate the catchphrase from Bollywood’s classic film Mr. India. He even got Jimmy Kimmel and Tom Hardy to do a Mogambo impression. And then urged his fans on social media to upload their own versions. But with this song out, it’s really hard to concentrate on anything other than the powerful messages it is sending out.

What Does Riz Ahmed’s Mogambo Talk About?

Released under his rap name, Riz MC, Mogambo is a true reflection at Riz Ahmed’s Pakistani roots. The song opens up with a frenetic verse over relentless hand drums. Some way into Mogambo, Riz Ahmed highlights the capitalism and western ideology that is so built in into our society these days. He admits that he is a brown. And even takes an aim at how Muslim women have been banned from covering their heads and faces in Western countries. Then the lyrics move forward to admit his Pakistani roots. But it does not stop there. Riz Ahmed took a shot at how Muslims and Pakistanis are double checked at airports. And that’s still an indicator that racism exists all across the world even now.

It is apparent that with Mogambo, Riz Ahmed has decided to uncover some things that the world really does not talk about. His latest single is like giving the voiceless a voice in society. And it’s the true narration of the life of Pakistanis all across the world as well as the raw authenticity of his root country. The song also gives the middle finger to colonialism. And Riz Ahmed has definitely expressed that Pakistanis and Muslims are still not forgetting the cruelty of white people. Riz Ahmed himself wrote a post regarding Mogambo saying that the song tries to view South Asians without stereotyping them. And that brown men will always be shown as scary, meek or insane. But not as complex, contradictory or fully human. And said that these guys could kick their asses while just wearing floral thongs.

The video for the song also brings in the transgender community into the narrative. And considering the continued support of Riz Ahmed for transgenders in Pakistan, it makes absolute sense. Apparently, Riz Ahmed’s Mogambo is inspired by his visit from Pakistan last year. Riz Ahmed himself said that the song is a message to anybody who feels unwanted. He said that it took a long time for him to realize that some reasons why people are excluded are the very reasons that they should be proud of. He said that this is what the song is really about. And he hoped that people could connect to it.

Mogambo is a politically charged single that possesses raw energy which is almost impossible to recreate.

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