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Rose McGowan Says “Hollywood Kills”, Supports Free Britney Campaign

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Rose McGowan has been one of the loudest voices in Hollywood for the #MeToo movement. Moreover, McGowan uses her voice decisively to take down the patriarchal power in Hollywood. In a recent Instagram post, the actress-turned-activist supported the #FreeBritney Campaign for the singer Britney Spears, while referencing to the late actress Britney Murphey, saying that “Hollywood Kills”.

Rose McGowan voices her support on Instagram

In her Instagram post, Rose McGowan began by sharing the tragedy of another Britney, Britney Murphy. The actress died aged 32 in 2009, because of pneumonia caused by prescription drugs. McGowan wrote and mentioned how “Hollywood Kills”, saying:

Brittany Murphy was a lovely, amazing, force of nature. Hollywood did not treat her with the respect she deserved, making her feel less than for not being a ‘typical’ beauty. And I saw what it did to her- it ate her up. Hollywood kills, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, but it kills. Your soul, your mind, your self-esteem, pressure of perfection… it’s endless and twists your mind. I’m so sorry you didn’t make it, Brittany. Your talent deserved better, your soul deserved better.

Rose McGowan then went on to link the tragedy of Britney Murphy to Britney Spears’ current predicament. The singer has been under the conservatorship of her father Jamie and others since her breakdown in 2008. McGowan voiced her support for the Free Britney Campaign, saying:

There’s another Britney on my mind today, too, one that is alive, one that can be saved from the leaches that are controlling and trafficking her. Free all the Britneys and all those who get hurt by the trauma of Hollywood values and toxic ‘rules.’ #FreeBritney #BrittanyMurphy 🤍


Rose McGowan was one among many social media users who are concerned about the wellbeing of Birtney Spears. Ever since the singer went into Rehab last year, there were rumors circling that her father Jamie put her there without her consent. His father has now been replaced by a longtime care manager, Jodi Montgomery. And in light of her recent Instagram post, fans are gravely concerned, despite the singer claiming she is fine and feeling happy. Thus, began the Free Britney Campaign.


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