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Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau are BFFs now!

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You know every time when I write something about Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul, it’s pretty challenging. They make my lungs hurt and damage my peanut size brain. Instead, they should just sit in front of the camera and spill their guts out once and for all.  Most of their fans are tired of seeing them fake a lot of things like engagement and marriage. They part ways and then come back together as nothing happened.

As per Tana and Jake, they are BFFs for life just like Nikita Dragun and Oscar Utierre. But best friends don’t get touchy-touchy with each other in inappropriate ways. Maybe they are friends who have extra benefits?

Jake Paul has a messed up relationship with Tana Mongeau

A little history for all those people who still don’t know about Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul’s relationship timeline. They got engaged last year in April. Then they got married and after that, they got divorced. So their 2019 was pretty happening and full of drama. Jake started dating Julia Rose who is CEO of a digital adult magazine ‘SH*GMAG’ right after splitting up with Tana. We still don’t know if they were also pretending to be a thing but they also parted ways a few weeks ago & did not make any official statement.

Julia Rose also deleted all pictures of Jake Paul from her Instagram account. But Jake still has a few of them on his Instagram account. Anyways, Jake Paul started seeing popular and uncontroversial Tana Mongeau right after breaking up with Julia Rose. From Jake Paul’s YouTube Vlogs and Instagram posts & stories, Tana is everywhere. I literally thought that I have started hallucinating because of not getting enough sleep.

But I was wrong. If Jake needs a tattoo, Tana has to be there. If Jake wants to make a vlog with a clickbait title, Tana has to make a special appearance in it and make one or two adult moves. Now fans have started thinking that the controversial vlogger only gets views because of Mongeau.

Jake says all the h*rn* guys are going to love this idea

Recently, Jake Paul posted a vlog on July 13th in which he said some pretty crazy stuff. I went in shock for a few minutes and then I started laughing so hard because of the title. Have you ever watched a s*x tape without s*x scenes in it? Well, don’t get your hopes up because that’s what Jake’s ‘S*x tape’ vlog is all about.

“Jake: Tana is about to be here. I have an idea, it’s a pretty fire idea. All the h*rn*guys on YouTube are going to love it…”

So when Tana enters the house, Jake mentions that he has two ‘literal’ thumbnails. But he does not have a YouTube thumbnail. And he doesn’t really give a damn if Tana shows something explicit on the camera and they get shadow-banned for it.

“Tana: It’s so hard for me not to make it really good. Okay, so you just need my a*s.”

Umm, Tana my love, get a grip on yourself.

Jake: Is there any difference when we are like in a YouTube video versus when we are like in bed? our s*x tape, ‘*question*.

Tana: I feel like s*x tape is kind of just like a given at this point.

And then she starts complaining about wearing bikini bottoms and make some c*ck jokes with Jake. I mean how can you even do that? One second you are cracking lame jokes, and the other second you are talking about growing together and having off-camera serious conversations.

Anyway, in the end, they mentioned that they are BFFs and one of those Fs in the BFFs means f*c*. I am unable to filter all this information. I guess it’s time to hit the bed.

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