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Tenet Release Delayed Due To Coronavirus!

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Whenever you see Christopher Nolan’s name underneath any film, you mark its release down on your calendars. We did the same with Tenet too. But, it looks like we may have to shift those marked dates a little further. Nolan’s high-budget and highly anticipated film Tenet’s release gets further delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

With a $200 million budget, Tenet was set to be this summer’s biggest release. Initially set for a 17th July release date, Tenet’s release was later pushed to the 12th of August. However, COVID-19 had something else planned and delaying Tenet’s release for the third time. The studio released a statement, saying they’re re-evaluating the release date “amidst all this continued uncertainty”. Toby Emerich, chairman of the studio’s Picture Group said:

We are not treating Tenet like a traditional global day-and-date release, and our upcoming marketing and distribution plans will reflect that.

However, Emerich did say that we’ll soon be finding out Tenet’s new release date soon. However, there are chances that the film will get an overseas release before a US release. This is because of the devastating effects of Coronavirus on Hollywood.

Currently, the two biggest markets for Hollywood, New York, and Los Angeles, do not have permission to open. And in the rest of the world, cinemas are reopening in China, but with limited seating and restrictions. As a result, many film releases are facing delays, which includes Disney’s Mulan as well. And Tenet is no different. This has effectively devastated the film industry, with the cost going upwards of $20 billion back in March.

What is Tenet about?

Tenet Release Delayed Due To Coronavirus!
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The film focuses on a protagonist, played by John David Washington, along with other stars, namely Robert Pattinson and Sir Kenneth Branagh. However, no one knows much about the film, as even Pattinson admitted not knowing of the film’s meaning during filming. This is because Christopher Nolan has managed to keep the movie in complete secrecy, safe from spoilers.

And other than his brilliance of keeping people in the dark about Tenet, Nolan’s pedigree of films is remarkable. With generational films, such as Inception, Interstellar, The Batman Trilogy, and Dunkirk, Tenet will have a special place in his work. It is set to be his fourth longest film yet. However, we can’t know for sure until we get to see it. Let’s wait and see when we’ll get to hear of Tenet’s new release date, so we could reset our calendars.

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