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Trisha Paytas and Jeffree Star wish Shane Dawson A Very Happy Birthday

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While the entire internet is canceling Shane Dawson and is not ready to forgive him, he still has some loyal friends by his side. Trisha Paytas and Jeffree Star are still there to be his friends and show support publicly. On his birthday, they even wished him a very happy birthday.

Trisha Paytas has been siding with Shane Dawson all this time

Not just on his birthday, but Trisha Paytas has been publicly showing support for him during all of Shane Dawson’s troubles. When people were coming after him for Blackface videos and pedophilic jokes, she wanted everyone to also acknowledge David Dobrik and the vlog squad’s old problematic content. She was even publicly calling out Tati Westbrook after she made an expose video on Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson.

She was quick to wish him a Happy Birthday:

Along with the concise wish, she showed a picture of all gifts she intends to give to Shane Dawson. There’s a lot of pig merch and a pair of sneakers that has Trisha and Shane on the artwork.

Now, let’s come to Jeffree Star.

After confirming he still supports Shane, Jeffree Star wished him as well

Jeffree Star recently released a video, ‘Doing the Right Thing’. It was in response to Tati Westbrook’s video ‘Breaking my Silence’ in which she says Jeffree and Shane lied to her and manipulated her to make a video against James Charles.

Jeffree Star addressed the whole situation and shared his side of the story. In it, he also mentioned that he never left Shane Dawson and they’re still friends. That was a surprise for many since Star was silent on social media for quite a while. Star said that he condemns the problematic things Shane said and did years ago. But he claimed that the Shane he knows now is completely different and he still stands by him:

Shane Dawson. He is one of my best friends. And someone who helped me remember who I am when I was starting to crack and lose focus on who I really was. He is genuine, amazing, he’s selfless. And he’s one of the most kind people that I have ever met in my entire world. And I know Shane would put his family and friends before himself in a flash.

Here’s Jeffree’s wish for Shane:

Jeffree Star Shane Dawson

Trisha Paytas and Jeffree Star aren’t on great terms anymore

While Trisha Paytas and Jeffree Star are still good friends of Shane, their relationship with each other has been strained. This comes after the revelation that Jeffree said some mean comments about Trisha on her weight and drug usage when they were all out on their Las Vegas trip.

Star did end up apologizing privately to Trisha but she was not ready to accept the apology just yet. Though, she claims she does understand it:

I do feel for Jeffree. I really do think he is working on himself. Like, there are some things he can’t help and there are some things i can’t help. Because you’re traumatized. You’re covering, you’re trying to cover something.

Other than that, Shane’s fiancé Ryland Adams also publicly wished him a happy birthday and their picture together shows that they were celebrating:

Ryland Adams Shane Dawson Birthday

Shane Dawson has yet to address all of the dramas surrounding him.

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