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Here’s Why The Brainy Bunch Is My Favorite Episode From The Good Place

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Seeping into popular consciousness, even when the Academy refuses to take notice of it, is something The Good Place has marvelously achieved as a feat. After a grand premiere that won this season, it’s well-deserved hearts, the show went ahead to give some more masterpieces. Resolving its biggest fact vs. fiction puzzle, ‘Brainy Bunch’ deserves a loud, slow applause. In 30 minutes of this fiercely, fiery, funny episode; there are several pure gold moments, unanticipated comebacks, and new visual hurdles. The Good Place’s recent episode is no short of a treat, a delight we would love to munch on.

Without much ado, let’s pull the cat out of the bag. Trevor (Adam Scott), universe’s single worst malevolent demon is back. Yes, you heard it right, the enemy from hell (quite literally) is back to create some discord. Adam reprises his season 1 cameo, and clearly proves that he is capable of being really bad. For those who know Scott as the human edition of bleat from Parks and Recreation, Big Little Lies, and Ghostbusters; this scheming devil Trevor will have them in for a reality checking confrontation.

Trevor plays spoilsport but does not have the balls to get things done on the forefront. Much like what he and his cohorts did back in season 1 of The Good Place, here too Trevor has psychologically mired the lead gang into a pool of perplexity and distrust. Bringing along with him Hell to Earth, Trevor joins Simone and Eleanor’s study, prints everyone cools sweatshirts (In case you have missed, the text on the back of the sweatshirts says: “I Went to Australia and All I Got Was This Lousy Cross-Disciplinary Study and a Ton of New Best Friends!”) He tries to drive Eleanor away from Chidi, gets Chidi to let his indecisiveness kick in, and manipulates Jason and Tahani into making irrational decisions. Practically, he does everything you’d expect from a soap opera vamp, albeit for ‘extra-terrestrial’ motives.

This episode exclusively owns The Good Place’s classic comic moment. Maya Rudolph is ideally my favorite guest star in a comedy series, and I am extremely disillusioned by the fact that she does not have an Emmy to her credit for her performance. Hopefully, the case will change in the upcoming year. Accusing Michael of physical disruptions in the order of the systems, Judge Gen articulates an incredibly hilarious rant/ epilogue.  She gets back at Michael and Janet for interfering with life on Earth, and points to all the deadly ripple effects their tweaks are already having. Great Britain left the European Union (The infamous Brexit). Hugh Jackman starred in a hit movie musical about P.T. Barnum. Blake Bortles led the Jacksonville Jaguars to the AFC Championship Game. All that has happened is ‘terrible’.

The tone of this episode in The Good Place is the kind of deep we need for a third season sitcom. The effect has been created; an Emmy nod awaits this show. The obnoxious hand behind Trevor’s devilish entry into the real space is Shawn’s-a villain so perfectly horrible that he can stand face to face with Game of Thrones’ Ramsay Bolton. Shawn knows how to make Michael taste his own medicine. The test subjects are more vulnerable than the judge, hence Shawn gets Trevor to misguide them into a final game over.

There is condescending humor, visual gags, restaurant jokes- everything that was pitched to us in season 1 before being removed in season 2. This reason episode proves how season 2 was more of a buffer season, needed to provide a transition between decision and testing. The Good Place, which is more socially responsible than ever, tries to rekindle the sense that bad can be found anywhere the real quest is to keep oneself dissociated with it.

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