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Karens are running a campaign against Adult Swim on Twitter

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Have you checked your Twitter account just now? If you have, then you must have seen Adult Swim trending on it. When I saw it, a million possibilities ran through my mind in one second. However, all of them had Rick & Morty, and Elijah Daniel’s idea for animated LGBT comedy in them. In short, I was expecting something exciting. Instead, all I got were Karens on the cob. Apparently, our Karens had no idea that Cartoon Network blooms into Adult Swim late at night. One of them raised her voice against it since it’s not good for a ‘kids’ network to broadcast adult content in the dark hours. And now, there is a whole Karens Campaign running on Twitter.

Karens are coming for Adult Swim

If you do not know what a Karen is, google it. The results are pretty interesting, at least for the non-Karens. Anyways, we tried to find out what triggered the anti-Adult Swim campaign. And here it is:

Why are the kids still up after hours and watching cartoon network? That’s the question many people have raised after this tweet broke the internet. And they are coming at it from all sides.

Last we checked, it was still 2020.

It took 20 years for the Karens to realize the Adult Swim was always there on Cartoon Network, even when they were Baby Karens themselves. Hah, even I didn’t know that.


Cartoon Network & Adult Swim should at least post a warning before jumping to the adult content. Oh wait, they already do that.


Are the Karens overreacting to the situation?

I’m not a Karen (I know every Karen says that) but I just found out that Cartoon Network turns to Adult Swim at 8 PM. Moreover, the weird content is mostly late at night. Anyways, the warnings are always there.

Another user wrote: “When you realize that this is from ADULT SWIM. The shows are meant for adults on adult swim. Adult swim comes on after hours when the kids are in bed.”

What do you think of this whole situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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