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Will Legacies Be Able To Preserve The Legacy Of Its Ancestors?

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The chronology continues as The Originals passes on the mantle to CW’s upcoming supernatural drama ‘Legacies’. The lucrative franchise that first came to life in 2009 continues even today -10 years later. ‘Legacies’ follows The Originals, which premiered in 2013 and aired its series finale August 1. The franchise began with The Vampire Diaries, which aired from 2009 to 2017 and was based on LJ Smith’s novels.

The official synopsis renders a strong sense of nostalgia. It says: “Legacies: A spinoff of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals from Julie Plec, this is the story of the next generation of supernatural beings at The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. Attending the school? Klaus and Hayley’s daughter Hope Mikaelson, Alaric Saltzman’s twins, Lizzie and Josie, and other young adults. Will these young witches, vampires, and werewolves become the heroes they want to be—or the villains they were born to be?”

The Story in The Legacies

With this, we have a clear idea that the plot line will clearly be not much different from the things we have seen before. There are vampires, humans, werewolves, romance, lust, revenge, enmity, and treachery. Everything that we have seen before, to be quite precise. However, Legacies will mold the entire story to keep relevance with the cynical times to today.

New and Returning Characters in The Legacies

Matt Davis will redo his act as Alaric Saltzman, who is running the Salvatore Boarding School For the Young and Gifted. He has twin daughters. Zach Roerig, who played Matt Donovan, a good human is also slated to appear in a few episodes of the series; however, Matt will have more, deep, shady layers to his character this time. Steven R. McQueen had reached a deal to reprise his role as Jeremy Gilbert. His role is being speculated to be a cameo one, and he will probably be veteran teaching magic. Danielle Rose Russell will return as Hope Mikaelson (the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall and the titular character of the series). Kaylee Bryant, Jenny Boyd, Aria Shahghasemi, Quincy Fouse and Peyton Alex Smith are the new actors who have been brought on board to essay fresh characters.

Not much can be said about whether the characters will be able to form the same kind of bond with the audience as The Vampire Diaries characters. Most of the cast members are rookie debutants, but their presence in the trailer has been inspiring, and to be honest fulfilling. The combine effectively the naïve and gothic elements, and pull off spectacular, angelic theatrics in all the teasers.

More Appropriate Romance

The romance between a 162-year-old vampire and a 17-year-old adolescent teenager, which was earlier found acceptable maybe despised now. Hence the creatives are taking measures to make romance more age-appropriate. The gothic, harlequin romance will be socially aware, norm- conforming, so viewers will not have to take minutes off the screen to comprehend the ethics of the show.

Cinematic View

The visuals too have upped their game. The quaint countryside, the classic halls with fancy chandeliers, the soothing touch of archive placed in every setting, the not so dark but visibly gothic ambiance, is all inviting and fascinating. The idea of not being normal is not a limitation that would pull our heroes into dooms of depression. They are in fact pretty energetic, lively and give off an eerie blaze that compels us to search their Instagram IDs.

TV Veterans Making the Show

The production of Legacies is also in good hands. Julie Plec, Chris Grismer, Brett Matthews- all the names that have been associated with The Vampire Diaries and The Originals- are the creative minds behind this show.  Needless to say, they won’t compromise on the quality of their product, as it is essential to preserve the legacy of their cult source materials.

Release and Competition

Legacies are slated to premiere Thursday, Oct. 25 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.  The makers were intelligent enough to pick Halloween for the inaugural episode. However, Legacies will find competition from the very start, as Netflix’s same-genre Sabrina is booked to air its premiere around the same time.

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