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TV Characters That Need Their Own Shows

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There are several characters on TV that we absolutely love. But only rarely do we see such characters, which we can safely count on to do equally good even if they are departed from their maiden programs. Let’s take a look at a few characters that can safely pull off their own spin-off shows.

Janet from The Good Place

With some hesitation, I put this because I don’t want too much forking of a brilliant concept. But we all need more Janet on screen than what we normally do. The Good Place does not fall short on awesome characters, and technically all heavenly beings can get their own show considering the fact that there are boundless backgrounds to each one of them. The robot-turns-human arc in the Good Place already speaks greater volumes than most of the parallel arcs, and Joyce Eng is angelic in every scene.

‘Janet’ can be the next ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’; we can know more about where Janet gets her signature sweet 70’s flight attendant costumes. Her romantic misadventures with Derrick, her quest to discovering why she feels despite being nothing but a machine, her occasional brawls with the Bad Janet, can all some up to an amazing story.

The Wayward Sisters from Supernatural

When CW pulled the plug off its plans to rehabilitate the Wayward Sisters into an altogether new spin-off series we were indeed disappointed. The potential Supernatural offshoot (the backdoor pilot of which aired as a Super episode) would have followed Sheriff Jody Mills (played by Kim Rhodes) and her surrogate daughters Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton) and Alex Jones (Katherine Ramdeen) as they fought evil in Sioux Falls, S.D.

TV, especially The CW is in dire need of strong female characters. The women who were left abandoned by a supernatural tragedy can take it upon themselves to save the day, instead of the cool guys (it’s 2018 after all). Sam and Dean could go missing for this spin-off and the sisters could trek on to find more about their whereabouts, along with discovering some disturbing secrets about their existence. Alas, this seems highly unlikely as for now. The plans for a potential spin-off have been scrapped and makers CW decided to pickup Legacies instead.

Phoebe from Friends

I fail to understand why Phoebe does not have her own show yet. Her backstory has so much potential for a brilliant dramedy. In addition to this, Emmy award-winning Lisa Kudrow is such an amazing performer, she can easily carry off her own show- it is not something different from FRIENDS- Phoebe was single for most of the show, her scenes had a more individual sense rather than being involved in a group.

Phoebe grew up in a barn, her mom killed herself, she has a twin who hates her, her dad abandoned her, and her mom has supposedly possessed a cat. A gritty comedy on Phoebe’s intricate, interesting past would do great wonders for sure. Phoebe’s life growing up as a child, to her adulthood where she tries to include herself in the mainstream society can make for an ideally chucklesome saga.

Raqueletta Moss from She’s Gotta Have It

I would definitely tune into a series where I got more of those motivational speeches from “She’s gotta have it” fame Raqueletta Moss. The character, played with utter commitment by De’Adre Aziza is the kind of sass we need on TV right now. She speaks in the third person, is a total open mouth and is capable of handling a sudden plane crash just by sitting on the seat in her office.

She can have her own consultancy show, as she is literally the woman who can salvage any crisis through her verbal prowess. She can be placed in a dark comedy, or even in an ingenious political satire. Or she can have a unique concept for her show- a concept we have long waited to see on TV- a show on psychologists/ psychiatrists vs. depression.  The fact that Moss has been promoted from a recurring character to a regular one is enough insight into her theatrical potential.

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