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What’s the Deal with the Fake Drew Barrymore Interview?

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When it comes to having bizarre or surreal articles written about them, Drew Barrymore has had her fair share. And considering that ever since she began her Hollywood career 36 years ago, Drew Barrymore has given an estimated 12 million interviews. So, people are already familiar with the way she talks. But this latest interview with her remains to date one of the strangest articles to be ever published. It was spotted in the Egypt Air flight magazine and went viral after journalist Adam Baron posted it on Twitter. The bizarre and offensive question and answer-style interview is full of grammatical errors. And also the suspect-sounding quotes that soon earned it the reputation of being fake. However, the claims regarding the authenticity of the article are still hanging in the air.

What Does The Drew Barrymore Interview Reveal?

Drew Barrymore’s interview which quoted her responses contained the most bizarre combination of stupid and unethical questions, paired together with her sexist and offensive remarks to a lot of things.

The article began with ridiculing Drew Barrymore for her failed marriage and unsuccessful romantic relationships. It claimed that despite having unstable relationships, an unsuccessful marriage, and the busy stardom life, the American actress has decided to take a break. And this unlimited vacation is to play her crucial role as a mother. According to the interview, Drew Barrymore shared that she has two children Olive and Frankie, with her ex-husband Will Kopelman. But she intentionally does not follow common parenting methods. Nor does she consult psychologists. Instead, she focuses on nurturing their small minds as well as their small bodies.

One such question said that a few years back after pregnancy, Drew Barrymore gained a lot of weight. Fans accused her of gaining weight, but now she has returned back to her graceful body. And what was her secret? The response from Drew Barrymore in quotation marks said that she felt overwhelmed whenever someone told her she had regained that image managing to lose the extra weight. Further, Drew Barrymore shared advice to overweight women encouraging them to work on regaining their beauty and body. Especially, because apparently, Barrymore claimed that it was not as hard as it seemed. And that everything they needed was an appropriate diet under the supervision of a physician.

The interview went on further asking her questions about retirement, womanhood, the status of females in society, and also other things like raising daughters. But her answers or the ones quoted do not match the personality of the Drew Barrymore that we are familiar with.

Is This Interview Fake?

A Drew Barrymore representative has assured the viewers that the actress did not participate in any interview. And that the writer, Aida Tekla said that she wrote the Q&A session based on some press conference. A BBC statement clarified things saying that,

So technically Drew did not sit down with Egypt Air for an interview, but a journalist who is a member of the HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Press Association) sometimes supplies articles to Egypt Air, and that’s what happened.

The author of the article is still insisting that the whole interview is not fake. She claims that the interview took place in New York and is genuinely true. But the article was edited later by the magazine. However, she claimed that the content was not altered. What made this interview and the writer’s tweets even more suspicious is that Drew Barrymore’s surname is spelled wrong in the tweet. Although Aida Tekla says it’s a mishap because she was dictating the tweet, the whole story seems a little too far-fetched. And definitely not easy to buy.

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