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Noah Beck Twitter account is hacked

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Sway House LA was recently joined by the most non-controversial person ever, Noah Beck. Noah is a TikToker, and he is pretty much the gem. That’s what the fans say. Sway Boys are famous for stirring up drama wherever they go, all for laughs and gigs. Even though they have a small beef with Hype House, both the teams are pretty close to each other. And they all love Noah. So, it was really a shock to find Noah tweeting random things that do not make much sense. Turns out, his account is probably, or most definitely, hacked.

Noah Beck Twitter gets hacked

Just a couple of days ago, all the verified accounts were blocked from posting on Twitter when some cryptocurrency pirates hacked all the major accounts. Those accounts included Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Kanye West, Uber, Joe Biden and Jeff Bezos. Now, after a couple of days, a hacker has gone out of his way to hack the Twitter handle of Noah Beck. Noah has never posted anything controversial. He is also staying out of all the drama that revolves around content creators. Even though Josh Richards dissed him humorously when he made a TikTok with Nessa Barrett.

So it is still not clear why someone would hack Noah Beck’s Twitter. Unless, they are jealous of the progress he is making or the company he keeps. And if someone comes forward by saying that they hacked him to promote him, that’s going to be the most twisted way to show your support for someone.

Noah Beck

And the recent tweets are:

Noah Hacked

Well, the hacker person also tweeted Noah Beck will get the password whenever he wakes up.

Noah Password

Noah Beck’s Twitter hacker is also promoting BLM movement now. Seems like whoever did it, just did it for fun and now they are just waiting for Noah to contact them so that they can send him the password.


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#noah is hacked on twitter 😬

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Fans want the hacker to leave Noah’s account immediately. Even though the person is promoting BLM now, they also posted some explicit images that shouldn’t have been there considering Noah’s fans are mostly young.

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