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Fans react to Tamar Braxton’s suspected suicide attempt & hospitalization

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Tamar Braxton, the famous actress, has been pretty vocal about the injustices and Black Lives Matter movement recently. She called out We TV and other shows who are showing prejudice towards paying the Black families. Like Kardashians, Braxtons have their own reality show. However, they are not making enough money like the Kardashians are doing it. Tamar recently opened up about it on her Twitter. Meanwhile, We TV released a trailer of another reality show based on her, and she felt blindsided by it reportedly. Many people are assuming that the recent updates were putting a stress on her mental health and she allegedly tried to attempt suicide. “Not Tamar” is trending on the Twitter now and fans are reacting to the news.

Tamar Braxton’s suicide attempt

The famous actress was found unresponsive by her boyfriend David Adefeso. Tamar & David were to go LIVE on YouTube for “Coupled & Quarantined” w/ Tamar Braxton & David Adefeso!”.

However, the video shows this message:

Tamar Braxton

Sources are reporting that Tamar Braxton was staying with her boyfriend David Adefeso at Ritz Carlton Residences in Downtown Los Angeles. David found her unresponsive and called 911. Tamar is assumed to have mixed alcohol with pills. Mixing prescription pills with alcohol can be fatal in most of the cases. Hence, sources are confirming it as a suicide attempt.

Fans react to the news

After the news hit the internet, many fans are devastated. Her latest Instagram story was posted 9 hours ago where she shared people appreciating her music.

However, the day is not over for Tamar’s fans around the world. “Not Tamar” is currently trending on Twitter. And her fans are coming forward with prayers and well wishes for Tamar Braxton and her family. In fact, fans are also highlighting importance of mental health awareness.

One fan wrote, ” Oml not Tamar Braxton my heart is so heavy! I praying she ok. when people going to learn that mental health is REAL!” Another wrote: “Not Tamar man. I’m just glad her boyfriend found her. I probably would have had a break down if she actually died. I love Tay Tay. This is the time her family needs to step up.”


Hoping to get an update on Tamar Braxton’s condition soon.

If you or someone you know is going through anxiety, distress, depression or thoughts of harming yourself, please call National Suicide Prevention Helpline.


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