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Amy Schumer Arrested for Kavanaugh Protests

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Recently, on Thursday, around 300 people were arrested in protests over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. And comedian Amy Schumer along with model-actress Emily Ratajkowski  were among the ones arrested. Apparently, the protests were to challenge the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh as the Supreme Court nominee after three women have accused him of sexual assault in different ways. The most prominent of his victims includes Dr. Ford who recently came up with her allegations. Dr. Ford was mocked over the claims by the US President Donald Trump himself. And that resulted in movements like #WhyIDidntReport springing up with numerous celebrities adding in their responses. But even when Dr. Ford faced a hearing against Brett Kavanaugh, not much had changed. Consequently, hundreds of women came out in protests to challenge his nomination.

Previously, Dr. Ford had the support of celebrities and activists like Alyssa Milano. Now in this latest protest, comedian Amy Schumer and model-actress Emily Ratajkowski also made an appearance. Not just were they present, but even got arrested by the police authorities.

Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski joined the #CancelKavanaugh event on Capitol Hill which took place on Thursday. It was held right a day before the Senate had to start voting in whether or not Brett Kavanaugh would get his position as the Supreme Court nominee. Tensions have been running pretty high as sexual assault survivors, and Kavanaugh’s opponents have been confronting Senators in the hall. Apart from these protests, vigils were also conducted in streets outside the US Supreme Court. The accusations against Kavanaugh have been launched by several women that date back to his times in high school. And with the advent of movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp, his nomination on such a superior public office post is highly controversial.

Amy Schumer Arrested In #CancelKavanaugh Event

During the protests, Amy Schumer said that no matter how this goes, nobody could keep them down. She said that despite everything, they will win. And that any vote for Kavanaugh was a vote claiming that women did not matter. Amy Schumer also filmed a video at the protests with an another woman protesting there for her daughter. And in it, the comedian shared that they might get arrested soon.

Another video shows footage of an officer asking Amy Schumer and other women if they wanted to get arrested. Schumer nodded in response. And instead of handcuffs, the 302 women arrested including Amy Schumer were given colored bracelets. According to one outlet, Schumer received a pink bracelet. And the star even joked saying that it was for drinking.

Along with Amy Schumer, her costar from 2018’s comedy I Feel Pretty,  Emily Ratajkowski was also arrested. The two were spotted being escorted by officers together. Emily Ratajkowski tweeted saying that she was arrested for protesting against the Supreme Court nomination of Kavanaugh. And that men who hurt women can no longer be placed in positions of power.

Schumer has previously expressed her discontent with Brett Kavanaugh and his nomination. She even made tweets encouraging people to join the protests. And if they could not, she urged them to host #CancelKavanaugh events near them. Before her arrest, Amy Schumer told people to stay together, fight, and keep showing up.

It seems like Amy Schumer is determined to play her part in bringing down an assaulter.

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