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The One Breaking Bad Scene Vince Gilligan Couldn’t Bear To Watch

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Breaking Bad is indeed one of the most iconic TV shows ever made. However, it wouldn’t have even existed if it was not for the brilliance of its creator, Vince Gilligan. He was the mastermind behind every scene, moment, and character that we all loved. But, did you know that there was this one Walter White scene in Breaking Bad that even Gilligan couldn’t bear to watch!

How Breaking Bad introduced us to Vince Gilligan

It was Gilligan who created Breaking Bad. And if you think about it, it was a unique show unlike any other. Imagine a genius chemistry teacher in the middle of Albuquerque turning to create crystal meth and forming a large drug empire, while battling cancer and maintaining the image of a suburban dad! Crazy, right?

But Vince Gilligan managed to pull it off. And Breaking Bad became an almost instant success. It followed the footsteps of all-time-great shows like The Sopranos, The Wire & Mad Men, and managed to make an identity of itself. And Breaking Bad received a ton of rewards and nominations – 153 wins and 234 nominations to be precise. But more importantly, it put Vince Gilligan into a much-deserved spotlight.

After Breaking Bad, Gilligan began work on a prequel, called Better Call Saul. And unsurprisingly, it also became an instant success, with some even saying it’s better than the original. Moreover, Better Call Saul gave us an insight into all the great characters of Breaking Bad that we never got to know more intimately. It’s the best of both worlds. But, despite being the creator, the show did get too overwhelming for Vince Gilligan sometimes. And it happened to him in the finale of Breaking Bad, in a scene with Walter White.

The scene that even Gilligan couldn’t bear witness

The scene from Breaking Bad we’re talking about is from the finale of the entire series, when Bryan Cranston’s Walter White met his wife Skylar White (Anna Gunn) for the last time. In it, he admitted to her that Walter enjoyed every single thing that he did as Heisenberg, thus bringing his arc to a perfect end.

Their performances were so powerful that, according to Screenrant, Gilligan couldn’t bring himself to watch it, even though he directed the episode. Moreover, even the cameraman was in tears while filming the shot.

This is a testament to Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn’s performance in Breaking Bad. It was indeed one of the finest performances by any actor in television history, and the fact that the creator of Breaking Bad himself couldn’t watch it, speaks volumes.

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